Hello. My name is Olga. I would like to share my story of purchasing a property in Hurgada. In March 2013, with a tour to Sharm El Sheikh on hand, I saw a news item on our TV. It was about our pensioners living abroad. Having come to Sharm, I became interested in the local property. I found out that on the “royal shore”, apartments could be only leased out for a long term. Back home, I found that video on the web and realized that it was on Hurgada, where the lifestyles of our pensioners in Hurgada, Bulgaria, and China were compared against the lifestyle of those who stayed in

 homeland and lived their final days “on the edge” - to the vivid disadvantage of the latter. “What the spoilers are employed by this NTV”! – I thought. 
Than I was completely taken by Egypt, moreover, I started screw the brains of my family and friends. Everybody reacted in a different way: My husband, who knows my temper very well, said: “I have nothing against, go ahead”; reaction of my relatives and friends depended on the level of the adventurous streak they had. I read about the resident’s life in Hurgada, contacted with a couple of agencies by e-mail. The first one showed-off too much and offered me to come and view all the proposals in place. Another one strongly promoted the property to their own benefit (I am not going to give their names here – neither as advertising, nor as anti-advertising). I spent loads of time, surfing the net and reading discussion boards, and then… what a marvel!!! I came across the link to Anastasia Osama’s “Akar Real Estate” web-site.

With the upcoming school holidays of my elder son, a student, and my daughter, a school-girl, my husband and I were about to go on a family holiday. It was not by accident that we chose August: We wanted to prove that it was possible to exist in Africa at the hottest time of the year. Thereafter, we had an active correspondence with Nastia and I must give a credit to her professionalism, patience, and self-possession. Anastasia gave prompt and detailed answers to all the questions and sent us photos of properties, considering all our preferences. Eventually, we opted for “Tiba Paradise” compound located in the developing district of El Akhiya and deposited a reserve amount.
Once we were in the hotel, we contacted Anastasia by phone. They came at the appointed time and all the procedure took us about three hours with the account of all out fancies as the contract was made in English and Arabic languages and we had to wait till the manager prepared the Russian-Arabic version.
Now we are happy owners of H-3 studio in “Tiba Paradise”. This marvelous compound with a swimming pool was commissioned early (would it be possible in our country???); it is nearby the seaside, there is no horn noise and hustle and bustle of Sheraton there and it is near a new shopping mall under construction by the same developer. So, this will be just a summerhouse first because there are still 10 years left till we retire. We were pleased to know that in future, if we want, our developer would arrange for the exchange of our studio for a larger one.
I think you will agree that it is more pleasant to live in place with the sunshine, warmth and joy, where summertime is all year round, the air is pure, the Red Sea is healing, and the food is eco-friendly and cheap (I would like you to know what kefir they produce here!). And we may enjoy the incredible colors of the African sunset… Or would you better live in the everlasting mash of snow, braving horrible roads, and seeing gloomy faces and endless promises of better life on TV screens?!
My dream has come true. Do you have a dream? Of course, my story is not a guideline but if you read it, you must be dreaming of something too.

We are very grateful to “Akar Real Estate” agency and personally, to Anastasia, for the help and assistance and we are looking forward to cooperation in the future.

Olga, Rostov-on-Don, 2013