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The most important document of ownership rights of a property.


Taukil is a documentary proof of ownership of a property in Hurghada. This is a general power of attorney, which is issued by a seller of a property to a buyer, and is not subject to revocation.

Taukil is issued to the buyer only after full payment for the property, according to the sale contract.

Taukil is issued on people prescribed in the sale contract. If there is more than one owner, then joint tenants can be registered in Taukil.

In Taukil neither the amount paid for the property, nor the conditions of the agreement are indicated.

The seller of the property must be present at the Taukil registration. The buyer does not need to be present.

Taukil transfers the acquired property in Egypt to the new owner with full rights,and Taukil is not subject to revocation.

The state notary office of Hurghada Sharaa-Akari writes Taukil in Arabic, and only this document has legal force.

At any licensed Egyptian translation center, you can have Taukil’s translation into another language.

Inheritance, donation and resale of properties in Egypt is based on Taukil, it is the main document in carrying out these operations with properties.

When purchasing a secondary sale property, the last owner must have all Taukils from all the previous owners of this property.

If Taukil is lost, the document can be restored through Sharaa-Akari.

Taukil is standardized, approved by Egyptian law. Taukil cannot be edited.

Taukil's impugnment is impossible.

It is also important to keep copies of Taukils of absolutely all owners of the property, at least you have to know their registration numbers or dates when they were issued. Full information about Taukil is stored indefinitely in Sharaa-Akari.

Taukil cannot be used by third parties for any real estate transactions, except for the owner indicated in it.

Therefore, the situation is not so bad when documents fall into the someone's hands as a result of loss, theft or other circumstances. 



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