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Required registration of property documents.


"Sahih taukiya" or in another way registration of a sale contract in Hurghada court, is often the final stage of a property purchase transaction.

This stage legalizes the transaction, the signatures of the parties are confirmed through the court. From this moment the transaction and the sale contract are completely legalized.


It is important to consider that the competence of the court does not include verification of the seller’s rights to perform sales actions.

Only signatures of the parties in the sale contract are needed, and the lawyer's stamp is not required.


The registration of the sale contract through the court is essentially a claim for confirmation of sale actions by the seller, and confirmation of the authenticity of his signature on the sale contract.

After the registration documents are submitted to the court, subpoenas are sent to the seller of the property in Hurghada to actually confirm the sale.

If the seller does not appear at the hearing, subpoenas are sent up to three times.

Despite the fact that the apartment was actually sold at the time of Taukil egistration for a new owner of the property, the seller is given such  chance in order to avoid further judicial claims of ignorance about registering the transaction. If the seller did not appear in Hurghada court, judicial accounting records this fact. After three absenteeism, the transaction is registered in court, and a notification of its registration is sent to the seller of the property.

All this happens to protect the rights of the buyer. In order to avoid any possible negative consequences in the future, the sale contract necessarily contains paragraphs where the seller of real estate confirms:

• the absence of claims from third parties regarding the property being sold;

• the property is not pledged or under arrest;

• the property is privately owned by the seller;

• the full price of the property in a specific numerical value has been paid by the buyer.

If the payment for the property is done by bank transfer, then a bank statement is sufficient to confirm the fact of payment. If the payment is done by cash, then in order to avoid any unpleasant situations in the future, the buyer should take a receipt from the seller about receiving money.

For the buyer the process of registering a property with Akar Real Estate takes about one hour in the morning.

For the procedure, you need to prepare the original sale contract and a valid international passport.

Accompanied by our agency lawyer, firstly you go to get  a special visa in Gauzet (a state institution for issuing visas to foreigners). Then a letter of attorney for our lawyer is written in Shara Akari, so that he, in the absence of the buyer, as his representative, conducts the procedure for registering the sale contract in a Hurghada court.

Depending on the workload of the court, the registration will be completed after 3-6 months. The buyer or his representative can collect it from The Hurghada Court.

How the registration process is going on for you?

10 a.m.

Our lawyer picks you up from your hotel.

You need to have: the original  sale contract, international valid passport.

10:20 a.m.

You are in Gauzet (a state institution for issuing visas to foreigners). You get a special visa.

10:30 a.m.

You are in Ashra Akari, where a letter of attorney for our lawyer is written out, so that he can, in your absence, as your representative, carry out the procedure for registering the contract in the Hurghada court.

10:50 a.m.

You are at the hotel.


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