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The cost of apartments:
2 bedrooms 90 sqm - $ 32,000
2 bedrooms 125 sqm - 40 000 and 45 000 $
Each apartment has 2 balconies!

Payment by installments!


Large apartment with 2 bedrooms. Large windows and balconies. Apartments in Siberian Tower 1 are made for permanent residence or large families, where all need their own space.

The roof serves as a terrace where you can relax and contemplate the beauty of the sea.

Types of apartments:

2 bedrooms 90 sqm- 32,000 $ 

2 bedrooms 125 sqm -  40 000 $ and 45 000 $ 

Each apartment has 2 balconies!

The final decoration of the apartment?

All the apartments in the Siberian Tower - 1 shall be 100% finished. At the time of purchase, you can choose the color of paint for the walls.

Where is home?
The house is located on a tree-lined street Hadaba surrounded by villas and small apartment houses. Just a 5-minute walk Russian School! Walking distance to supermarkets, households. goods and clothing stores. Good location of the house. Place with established infrastructure, guaranteed by construction. All the windows of the apartments have a nice view of the city, street or sea.


• 20-minute drive from Hurghada Airport.
• 10-minute walk to the waterfront.
• 10 minutes walk to the Sheraton.
How to rent?
Since the apartment with 2 bedrooms and living room, they will be very convenient to rent for a long time, but it does not exclude the rent for short periods up to 3 months. For the price (for 2015), the cost of a furnished apartment in Siberia Tower 1 will vary in the region of 1700-2000 pounds per month.

The annual fee for the service?
- 2000 Le for two bedrooms.
Payment terms:
Reserve $ 1,000. included in the first payment.
50% one month after the reserve.
50% in equal installments over 12 months.


0 #2 Hurghadians 2015-04-09 12:09
Helena, if you prefer French school, it's in El Aheya, it's 15-20 minutes by car. German is near Sindbad Club Aqua, not far from Hadaba. But in my opinion you can choose any school you like, transfer is not big problem. Hurghada not such a big city.
0 #1 Helena 2015-04-08 10:13
Does anyone know, whether there is next to the house kindergartens and schools? I really like the place, I know that in this part of Hurghada many Europeans live, and then there is enough clean and well maintained. And everything you need is close to home and not far to the beaches suit all tastes and budgets. But really do not want then to transport children across all town to school.

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