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If there is a place in the world better than Sahl Hasheesh it must have not been discovered yet.  

We would like to introduce you to a wonderful Paradise Gardens compound. This complicated and ultra-modern architectural ensemble is an integral part of the resort city where it is located. And like a diamond, it has a precious fancy cut. 


Kilometers of clear beaches, comfortable hotels, fascinating nature, and many other features of the touristic area attract crowds of holiday-makers. The resort has just started its growth in strength, continuously developing, evolving, and gaining its popularity. 

Located just on the shore of the Sahl Hasheesh Bay, the resort attracts celebrities, politicians, businessmen, as well as ordinary public at large. 


How to Get to Sahl Hasheesh


A wonderful resort must be ideal in everything. All in all, it will take a tourist about six hours to relocate from snowy winter to the eternal summer. Many hotels offer a transfer from the airport, so getting to a place will take no efforts. Forehanded travelers may take a shuttle bus running from the airport. The majority of tourists uses taxi services and remains completely satisfied. 

No problems will also face those who have made a decision to buy their own property in the resort area. The developing city offers lots of opportunities to start a business or to buy real estate property. 

Climatic Conditions of Sahl Hasheesh


Since Egypt is a warm country with no sharp seasonal contrasts, it will be a perfect place for comfortable residence in one of the most picturesque locations.  The air is mostly hot and dry, except for those rare days when precipitations fall out. Temperature at winter time does not drop below twenty degrees CO at the same temperature of sea water. During summer time, the mercury sometime rises up to 35 degrees above zero and the sea is heated to 28CO, however, with a light breeze, the heat does not provoke a sense of discomfort.

Sahl Hasheesh Infrastructure


The resort was planned as a huge holiday and entertainment complex where interference with the natural landscape is minimal. According to the design, only fourteen per cent of the whole territory shall be allocated for the development. The rest of it shall remain a nature corner featured by rivers, gardens, and golf courses. Nowadays, hotels of the highest class exclusively function in the resort. The five star compounds are fully equipped with all the requisites indispensable for having rest and recreation. Apart from hotels, the architects have planned residential development offered for those who are willing to extend ever-lasting summer and to acquire a flat at the sea-side. 

About the Paradise Gardens


Sahl Hasheesh Paradise Garden is one of such places, convenient in every respect.  Flats in this residential compound are put up for sale to anyone interested who can afford such a purchase. There are not so many projects offering comfortable apartments in the compounds surrounded by swimming pools, parks, gardens, and golf courses. Sahl Hasheesh Paradise Garden is represented by 18 townhouses including 300 items of comfortable residential property built from the best materials as per advanced technologies. Buying an apartment today means sensible investment in your prosperous future. According to analysis results made by real estate appraisers, in the nearest future cost of the property in this area will raise dramatically, therefore, investments in Sahl Hasheesh Paradise Gardens project constitutes a really lucrative offer. 

Location of the Paradise Gardens


Lovers of endless beaches and all-year-round-soothing sea should definitely choose Sahl Hasheesh for both permanent residence and making holidays. The Paradise Gardens complex is located in the very heart of the new city. It is only in fifteen minutes of drive from Hurgada international airport. Here the following main positive points about buying a property in this residential complex can be mentioned:

High quality of building materials

Proximity to the central beach

Picturesque landscape 

Opportunity to watch from your own balcony the world golf champions playing 

The property will increase in price year on year

Its location is favorable for visiting both Hurgada and Safaga

This is all you will get in addition to the warm climate and well developed infrastructure which is expanding year after year.

The Paradise Gardens developers have envisaged everything required for comfortable residency in Sahl Hasheesh. Here, any flat, regardless its size and location, is fully equipped and finished by using the latest technologies.


High quality tile facing with marble effect in varicolored palette;

Tile facing of bathroom and kitchen walls;

Aluminum and wood used for the external siding;

Kitchens and bathrooms are equipped with water pipelines and boilers;

Facing of bathroom walls with white porcelain;

The flats are complete with systems of air conditioning and digital television.

Advantages and Special Features of the Paradise Gardens project


The Paradise Gardens compound boasts its largest swimming pool throughout the entire resort; it is comparable in size with a lake. The water circulation in it is made as per up-to-date technologies, enabling the pool always stay crystal clear. It is also decorated with a water fall; whilst artificially erected, it looks strikingly natural.

The project is aptly named Paradise Gardens: Owing to capable hands of landscape designers the green planting is redolent with fragrance and colorfully show up with tropical flowers all year round. 

In the yard, sunbeds are shadowed with umbrellas and covered with comfortable mattresses; lovers of quiet rest in the shadow may also enjoy their time under carved wooden vine pergola.

Showers with fresh water are installed around the entire periphery of architectural ensemble. 

There are men’s and ladies’ rest rooms in the yard.


The Paradise Gardens Beach


The compound has its private beach complete with sunbeds and umbrellas. The way to sea entry (that is 50 meters to the left from sunbeds) is made of soft sand; making the way straight ahead, you will need special footwear. Deep water entry is quick and comfortable. 

The Paradise Gardens will be a unique asset for snorkelers and divers as incredibly beautiful reef inhabited with colorful underwater creatures stretches along the entire seashore. Entry behind the reef is very convenient, just in front of the beach.

This part of the seashore will be perfect for both adults and children. It will bring joy to active swimmers and divers, as well as to those who prefer quiet bathing at shallow depths close to the soft sandy seabed. 


Flats for Sale in the Paradise Gardens


Studios, 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom flats, villas, and also chalets with private gardens are available for sale in the residential complex. 

The cost of residential property starts from 60,000 US dollars.

Apartments have balconies with views to the bay, swimming pool, or golf courses. Flats located on the ground floor obtain a private garden plot to arrange it according to the owner’s preference.

All the apartments are completely ready for use and do not require any additional repair. 

Materials used for the building development are distinguished by high quality and cost. The quality of apartments is equated to hotel de lux suites. 

Water supply, internet, satellite television, air conditioning, boilers, electric supply as well as many other facilities function here. 

“We propose to make provision for your future right away and buy a flat in the Paradise Gardens”

Buying an apartment in Sahl Hasheesh Paradise Gardens, the owners gain preferences from the Pyramisa Beach Resort located nearby. Access to swimming pools with a discount, loyalty cards, annual stay in any of the chain hotels – this is by far not the exhaustive list of the offered bonuses.


How to Buy an Apartment in Sahl Hasheesh Paradise Gardens


The apartments are quite pricy, however, we offer the most favorable terms of purchase.

When paying the whole amount or buying two items of property, a good discount of 5% may be available. By meeting the conditions, a buyer obtains a cost improvement by 10%.

5-year installment plan subject to 25% of down payment is available at 5% of annual interest rate.

Preferential conditions provide for an opportunity to buy an apartment by installments. It should be born in mind that Sahl Hasheesh is just emerging. The resort is full of massive business opportunities to start and develop. Its uniqueness allows rely upon the fact that in the near future, the city will be the most popular tourist destination and a focal point for investors and businessmen from around the world. Purchasing an apartment in Sahl Hasheesh Paradise Garden is a great opportunity for personal growth.


Do you want to buy an apartment in Sahl Hasheesh?

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