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Fiesta Resort Hurghada 250With private beach
Studios from 32 160 USD 

1 bedroom from 68 940 USD

2 bedroom from 109 386USD

Installment plan for 1 year






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Real estate agency Akar Real Estate offers an exclusive, which has no analogues in Hurghada! The complex on the first line with its private beach from the developer of "Siberian Towers" (sold more than 8 houses and complexes). Reliable company, which has earned the trust of both customers and partners.


Note: all apartments are very spacious, so there is the possibility of redeveloping an apartment with 1 bedroom in an apartment with 2 bedrooms, and in the studio to make a room


Payment plan

 • 1000 USD - reservation 

• 50% first installment upon signing the contract (including reservation)

• 10% paid when delivered

• 40% paid monthly or quarterly for up to 1 year equally


 Completion - the end of 2020


You can now reserve an apartment in this house or buy it remotely.


Additional expenses:

 $ 9 per square meter (if you bought studio 30 square meters * $ 9 = $ 270 per year)


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The complex is located on the very beach and has its own beach.


All apartments are designed in such a way that most windows face the sea.


  Sea view from the windows:


Apartments can be at the request of the client fully equipped with: air conditioning; furniture and appliances for an additional fee. Contact us for the furnishing of your apartment. Our specialists of the apartment equipment department will provide competent advice and provide samples of the work performed.


The main advantages of the complex:

• Location - directly by the sea!

• Private beach with absolutely clear water, as the reef in front of the complex does not allow yachts and boats to come close!

• All apartments - with a magnificent view of the sea!

• Exceptional location with a unique sea view, sunrise at sea in front of the complex!

• Protected area, the entrance to the complex only through the reception.

• Swimming pool for children and adults, with a total area of ​​500m2. Top Service Companies.

• Beautiful lagoon for children - their complete safety and your peace of mind!

• Beautiful coral reef for diving enthusiasts!

• Natural ebbs and flows - which provides crystal clear water!

• Parking, providing space for apartment owners!

• 24 hour reception desk

• Cozy lobby bar at the reception

• 24 hour security

• Modern fitness center

• Mini supermarket


•Satellite television

•Wireless Internet

• High-speed super comfortable Mitsubishi elevators. 4 pieces.

• Garden in the complex

• Decorative fountain with lighting,

• 500 tons double water tank, which provides independent cleaning and disinfection.

• Water supply pump for Calpeda complex.

• Motor for water, the company Sera.

• For interior decoration of stairs and corridors used - marble and granite;

• High-quality building materials


Maintenance and care of the building:

The complex will be managed by a specialized company. This ensures that future owners of apartments maintain a high level of service. The company will provide holistic support to the territory of the complex, ensure order, peace and security and take care of using the common parts of the complex:

• Security of the complex;

• Providing sanitary services in the common parts of the complex: dust removal, ventilation, cleaning, etc .;

• Technical care for general installations and equipment; repair of common areas of use;

• Care of lawns and adjacent parts (avenues, gardens, outdoor pools, parking, etc.);

• Maintenance and sanitation of swimming pools.


copy7 20170115 1078750414

Is the developer reliable?

The construction of a residential complex is engaged in one of the best and famous construction companies in Hurghada. Many years of excellent work and completed projects including Magavish Paradise-1 (sold 100%), Magawish Paradise -2, Siberian Tower-1, Siberian Tower-2 (sold 100%), Siberian Tower-3, Kawthar Paradise, El Aheya Paradise , Turtle Beach, Arabia Paradise (sold 100%) and many others.


Construction Specification

• seismically stable foundation

• technical sand complies with the requirements of the standard in accordance with the construction of the sea. Manufacturer, factory located in Egypt, the city of Enna. Sand complies with the requirements of this standard sand is suitable for safe and durable construction. We do not use sea sand, which is heavily polluted with salts, pebbles, requires washing with water and may adversely affect the properties of the solution.

• we use only factory special cement necessary for the construction of houses to the sea by the technological process, which distinguishes such cement in price and quality.

• Reinforced steel rods in diameter reinforcement ø 16

• Ceiling thickness of 22 cm, the standard thickness of an ordinary house 18 cm

• Decorative facade plaster "Sipes”


The complex is built of brick.

The service life of such structures over 100 years. Brick is the most environmentally friendly product, time-tested. Brick construction maintains an optimal microclimate throughout the year. The walls with a thickness of 70 centimeters ensure the preservation of heat in winter and natural coolness in summer.


 copy4 20170115 1463128167


About the area:


The residential complex is located in a new promising area of ​​El Aheya in the north of Hurghada. 12 km from Hurghada International Airport and 14 km from El Gouna, between the hotels of Palm Beach and Kalimera. The area is actively frustrated and settles in, the construction of a new highway is completed, the French International School is open, the new American School is new, the Mubarak 11 residential complex is built, the entire area has connections to a direct water line, central sewerage, central gas.

copya10 20170115 1361633624

We notify that we sell housing in Hurghada only at the prices of developers.

Our company has no charges and commission from the buyer.

By purchasing an apartment in Hurghada through Akar Real Estate you get a range of professional services, including free registration of real estate in the property.

Full compliance with the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Contact right now and today you can reserve an apartment in Hurghada:

Tel. 2014287550818 (Viber and Whats App)

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