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Studio from 21 150$ 

One bedroom from 32 735$

Own beach!

Installment plan! 



Exclusive offer from Akar Real Estate-complex with its own beach in Hurghada "Dolce vita".


The mini compound is located on the sea-side is cozily settled between two 5 * hotels. The residential complex has wonderful tropical gardens with roses and other fragrant flowers, a swimming pool, an equipped beach with cafes, a beautiful Marina with boats and yachts.




This is a paradise oasis where you will be happy. A small world where harmony and peace are. The best place to know yourself and enjoy being. This house is for demanding people who are used to the best. You will appreciate the luxury of natural beauty when the world is generous to you and you can begin to live as you wish.


Apartments for sale:

With 1 bedroom:

Large apartment with SEA VIEW 65 sq.m. = $ 32,460 

Large apartment with panoramic SEA VIEW  66 sq. M. = $ 40 580

Studio 50 sq.m. (all studios with separate kitchen)

At the beginning of the complex (how far from the sea) = $ 19 990

The middle of the complex = $ 20,400 

The closest to the sea = $ 23,300

All apartments have sea views.

Installment plan from 6 months to a year depending on the downpayment (at least 40%)


Annual service charge: 3000 pounds.

Video from the Complex Dolce Vita Beach

All apartments are fully finished. Repair work is not needed. Furniture only.


Investment potential:


High profit from rental. This kind of luxury housing with its own beach successfully realizes its investment potential through the Booking.com, where people book everyday. Our company with pleasure will take your apartment in the complex "Dolce vita" for rental management. The approximate rental price is $ 40 per day.


Maintenance of the building:

The complex is managed by a specialized company. This ensures future apartment owners that all apartments will be maintained at a high level of service. The company provides complete care for the territory of the complex, peace and security.

• Security of the complex;

• Sanitary services in the public parts of the complex: dust cleaning, airing, general cleaning, etc .;

• Technical care for general installations and equipment; repair of public areas;

• Full care for avenues, gardens, outdoor pools, parking, etc.);

• Technical maintenance and sanitation of swimming pools;


Property documents:


• after full payment, you receive the final Sale and Purchase Agreement and 'Taukil" (General Power of Attorney confirming the transfer of ownership and certified by the Government Notary Office)


• after full payment, the buyer registrates counters for water and electricity  in his name, which also confirms your property at the government level


The complex is built of brick. That brick house can be called a real home for the family.


The service life of such structures over 100 years. Brick is the most environmentally friendly product, tested by time. Brick construction maintains an optimal microclimate throughout the year. The walls with a thickness of 70 centimeters ensure the preservation of heat in winter and natural coolness in summer. The brick has a low thermal conductivity, respectively, at high temperatures, the heating of the walls will be minimal. This is a significant money saving for apartment owners.



About the area:

The residential complex is located in a new promising area of El Aheya in the north of Hurghada. 12 km from Hurghada International Airport and 14 km from El Gouna, between Palm Beach and Kalimera Hotels. The area is actively frustrated and settles in, the construction of a new highway is completed, the French International School is available, the New American School is available, the new residential complex Mubarak 11 is built, the whole area has connections to a direct water line, central sewerage, central gas.

Facilities in El Aheya:

- The best schools in the city within walking distance of the complex: French, Taggrebey (school of improved education system), American school. All schools have kindergartens.

Russian school "Our Traditions" - just 5 minutes by transfer (school bus) from the complex. There is a kindergarten at this school. Upon graduation, the student receives a state certificate from the Embassy School in Cairo.

 - Cafes

- children's playground "British Park"

- laundry

- gym

- supermarkets

- availability of public transport: bus to the market in Dahar (10 min drive), buses to El Gouna (10 min drive)

- European and Russian kiting and windsurfing schools


The highest concentration of foreigners in the city is in the  El Aheya area, because it concentrates the best complexes of the new generation.

Today El Aheya is the European part of Hurghada.


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