Cost of utilities 2019 in Hurghada




The decision to buy an apartment in Egypt raises many questions, and it is often very difficult to figure them out without the help of specialists.

In this article, our company’s specialists will help you deal with the most frequently asked question of our customers - “How much does the maintenance of an apartment in Egypt cost?”

Lets’s consider the tariffs of 2019, which are relevant to this day.

  1. Electricity. Below is a table with prices:

up to 50 kW

0.30 LE per 1 kW


51-100 kW

0.40 LE per 1 kW


101-200 kW

0.50 LE per 1 kW


201-350 kW

0.82 LE per 1 kW


351-650 kW

1.00 LE per 1 kW


651-1000 kW

1.40 LE per 1 kW


over 1000 kW

1.35 LE per 1 kW



As you noticed, the more you spend electricity, the higher the price per kW.

2. Gas.

If your house is connected to the central gas supply system, then the cost often does not exceed 40 LE per month with active use. 

Not all houses are connected to the central gas supply system and are equipped with meters. In this case, residents purchase a gas cylinder if the apartment has a gas stove installed. The cost of one gas cylinder is 60-100 pounds, you can buy it right on the street near your house (they are transported by car), and it will last for 2-3 months with active use.


3. Water. 

The cost and method of paying for water supply system also depends on the location of your apartment. In almost all new building, the water supply system is centralized, in which case the prices are as follows:

0-10 cubic meters

0.65 LE per cubic meter


11-20 cubic meters

1.6 LE per cubic meter


21-30 cubic meters

2.25 LE per cubic meter


31-40 cubic meters

2.75 LE per cubic meter


St. 40 cubic meters

3.15 LE per cubic meter





 If the water in the house is “imported”, then the water supply services will cost you no more than 100 LE per cubic meter. Such a water supply system can be found in old buildings.





4. House Maintenance (Housing and Utilities)

If you have purchased an apartment in a very ordinary house, without a pool, then your house will definitely have a Doorman (concierge), who takes care of the house. His responsibilities include cleaning the house, safety, maintaining the elevator, lighting, etc. Payment is made monthly - 100-200 LE.

If your apartment is in a complex, then the maintenance of the complex will cost you much more - from 150 dollars and more. Sometimes service charge costs $ 2,000 if we talk at areas like Sahl Hasheesh.

This amount covers the costs of landscaping the territory, maintaining the pool and its cleaning, security, video surveillance, lighting, etc.

In some complexes, when buying primary housing, a new system for paying for the maintenance of the complex is offered - a one-time payment. The developer offers to pay from 10 to 15% of the initial cost of the apartment as a lifelong service. Paid amounts are sent to the bank at interest and are used to maintain the complex.


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