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When buying an apartment in Hurghada,

you have hundreds of questions, and one of them:

How much does food cost?

In this article we will help you to know the pricing policy.

The calculation is made at the average prices of supermarkets of Hurghada.

It’s more convenient and easier to buy food in large supermarkets, there are more assortments and lower prices. And most importantly, there are promotions and discounts.

Many large supermarkets were opened in different areas of the city. Such as Spinneys in Senzo Mall and Dahar, Carrefour in Mubarok 6 and Arabia, BestWay and Ragab Sons in Mubarok 2, Gomla on Sheraton, Metro and Abu Ashara in El Kauser and other areas.

In below you can find prices in Egyptian pounds for the main foodstuff in Hurghada at the end of 2019.

Bread and Bakery

Loaf of bread (400 grams) - from 10 Egyptian pounds (EGP)

French baguette (500 grams) - 10-14 EGP

Egyptian Tortillas (13 pieces) - 5 EGP

Croissant without filling - 5 EGP 

Cheese Croissant - 6-10 EGP 

In Egypt, like in many countries they sell bakery products by piece. However, there is an unpleasant feature here - the weight of the product is not always indicated on labels and price tags. In Egypt, square toast bread is pretty expensive - about 20 EGP. You can find brown bread in large supermarkets in Egypt. It is baked from a mixture of rye and wheat flour. Prices are very high - from 12 EGP. If you want to bake yourself. A kilogram of wheat flour - 10-14 EGP, ready-made mixes for muffins - 20-25 EGP per pack of 500 grams.

Meat and meat products

Beef - 100-150 EGP per kilogram.

Mutton  - 130-170 EGP

 Lamb - 200-250 EGP

Chicken breast or thigh fillet - 80-100 EGP

Whole chicken, chicken legs - 50-70 EGP

Turkey - 100-120 EGP

Cooked chicken legs or grilled chicken 85-100 EGP

There is no pork in Egyptian stores for obvious religious reasons. If you want to save money, then buy frozen semi-finished products, they are much cheaper in Egypt.

Cutlets are 75-90 EGP per kilo

Chicken Nuggets - 45-50 EGP per kilo

Cutlets “Kofta” - 75-80 EGP per kilo

Sausages from 80 EGP per kilo

Salami - 140-160 EGP per kilo

Pasteur - 200-250 EGP per kilo

Other smoked meats: turkey - about 150 EGP per kilogram, chicken - about 100 EGP.


Egypt has very cheap vegetables. Prices are per kilogram.

Potato - 10-12 EGP

Beet, carrot, eggplant, zucchini - 10-12 EGP

Onion - 8-10 EGP

Tomato — 10-12 EGP

Cucumber - 9-12 EGP

Bell Pepper - 20-30 EGP

It is more common to sell cabbage in Egypt by piece. The price is 15-20 EGP a piece, the weight is usually about 2 kilograms. The conclusion is simple: in this case, feel free to choose the largest and the best one.

An interesting point is that in Egypt all kinds of cabbage are the same: white cabbage, red, Chinese, iceberg, but cauliflower and broccoli are more expensive - 12 and 20 EGP per kilogram. 

Most vegetables in supermarkets are sold by weight. You need pick up in a bag and weigh them on special scales. Important tip: since Egypt has a hot climate, choose only fruits without defects. Any small defect even the very next day can turn into a large "abscess", and it will have to be thrown away. In the Egyptian climate, most vegetables grow all year round. In supermarkets, prices for vegetables are almost unchanged throughout the year. That cannot be said about fruits.


Fruit are seasonal in Egypt. In the picking season, fruits are cheap and local, in the off season, imported and expensive.

 Apples are available at the same price all year round - 20-30 EGP per kilogram

 Banana - 13-20 EGP per kilogram

 Lemon - 25-30 EGP per kilogram

 Orange -5-8 EGP per kilogram

 Melon - 15-18 EGP per kilogram


 Fruit Seasonal Calendar

Cereals and pasta

The most popular side dishes in Egypt are rice and pasta. Macaroni is most often sold in packages of 350 or 400 grams. The range of shapes and sizes of pasta in Egypt coincides with ours - spirals, tubes, shells, long spaghetti. The price for pasta is 5-8 EGP per pack of 400 grams. Rice is sold in packages of 1 and 5 kilograms. Price for rice - from 10 EGP per kilogram. Imported Thai rice or Basmati is already more expensive - from 50 EGP per kilogram. Beans are also popular as a side dish in Egypt, The price for beans in dry form is from 15 EGP per package of 500 grams.

Beans, peas, corn in jars - from 10-12 EGP per can 400 grams.


Milk - 16-20 EGP per liter

 Butter - 130-150 EGP per kilogram

 Hard and semi-hard cheeses (Egyptian production) - from 100 EGP per kilogram

 Feta, feta cheese and similar soft cheeses - 30-50 EGP per kilogram

  Cottage cheese - from 35 EGP per half kilogram

  Sour cream from 20 EGP per jar

Yogurt - from 5 EGP per package 100 grams

 Other products

Chicken eggs - 20-25 EGP per dozen

Sugar - 10-12 EGP per kilogram

Tea from 10 EGP per pack

Coffee from 60 EGP per can 100 grams

Water from 5 EGP per 1.5 liters

Juice packaged from 12 EGP per 1 liter

Fresh fish - from 35 EGP per kilogram, depending on the species

Canned tuna - from 20 EGP per can 180 grams

Sunflower and Corn oil - 20-25 EGP per liter

Olive oil - 200-250 EGP per liter.

If you still have questions, you can talk to our specialists for a consultation.


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