Visa center news – new residential card


Getting a visa for 30 days at the airport, its extension for another 30 days in Gauzet (passport and visa office) remained unchanged.

Updates and improvements concerned the second visa extension - a residential visa (for a period of more than 60 calendar days).

So what we have:

1. Now the resident visa is not put in the passport, but is issued in the form of a  plastic card (see example below). What information this card has: full name, citizenship, gender, date of birth, address, special identification number of the issued visa.

2. The term has been reduced: after submitting a full package of documents for a visa, one month must pass. Then you need to come to Gauzet for payment. On the day of payment, the exact date will be determined when the resident's plastic card will be made (7-10 days after the payment).

3. The cost has increased: now a resident visa with all fees costs 1,650 Egyptian pounds.

4.Fingerprints are taken from each tourist and a photo is taken in the Gauzet to be printed on the resident's card.

We remind you that you must have with you to apply for a resident visa:

- If you are the owner of real estate in Egypt, prepare 2 copies of the title deed.

- If you are renting an apartment for a long time, prepare 2 copies of your rent agreement. Important note: this agreement must be certified by the Sharakari Notary Office. Only the owner of the apartment or a trusted person can certify it.

- 2 copies of the first page of the passport.

- 2 copies of the page with a valid visa.

- 2 passport photos. The exact dimensions of the photo and the color of the background are not important.

- Completed application (issued in Gauset).

IMPORTANT: the resident card is valid for a certain period.


When departing from the country within this period, the card is CANCELED. Accordingly, at the next visit, the whole process must be started from the beginning, that is, with getting a visa at the airport, its first extension and then applying for a residential visa.