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My family acquired its residence in Sahl Hasheesh over a year ago. From then on, our life changed significantly. We gained something that we didn’t have before, in particular, the highest quality of life. Don’t think that I am ignorant in deserved places of international importance if I live in Hurgada. I have travelled the world and have seen many places. So, I may surely assert: Sahl Hasheesh is one of the best resorts in the world!



To be honest, it happened absolutely spontaneously. We peacefully lived our quiet lives in Hurgada, by the seaside, in our beloved Diamond of Arabia. There was a time when I was thinking over the purchase of apartment in that compound for a great deal while as I am a Libra by horoscope and I am rather rigid in making decisions. However, after considering all pros and cons, I came to a conclusion that it was the best value for money (including its liquidity). I furnished my flat with love, putting quite a lot of money together with my heart and soul in it. We lived happily ever after and… bought an apartment in Sahl Hasheesh. Here I am going to tell you how it was.

We came back from Istanbul, where we enjoyed the entire worry-free two weeks, and our suitcases were still waiting to be unpacked, when we got an offer. To be honest, we have been experiencing the times that are not so much comforting. Therefore, we started to carefully study all pros and cons. As I mentioned before, making a choice is a real torture for me, so you can imagine what I was feeling. All in all, I made a conclusion that we will not buy it. Why I always mention “I” here? This is because traditionally, in my family, whatever the wife wishes, it will be done by her husband (to a reasonable extend, of course). However, as a popular quotation goes, “be afraid of your whishes, they tend to come true”.  I made a decision not to blow off our family budget and a couple of days later, we went to the beach. We made our way to the north coast of Hurgada, always popular with foreigners. But it was a feast of Eid and, unfortunately, the beach was full of locals. Imagine “madam” in white garment and black sundown lying there!

Photos made on that day



The concentration of locals exceeded all expectations and heads of all those present at that small and cozy beach were turned to our side. Seeing a foreigner swimming is such a great fun, indeed! I didn’t like such a prospect of that day, not to mention my husband. So, we left. Sitting in our car, we thought it over and decided to skip across Sahl. What if after seeing the place again we would change our minds as to the apartment purchase? 

That day we swam at the beach of our Paradise Garden compound to get a feel for that aura. I’m not a fresh hand at the Red Sea large lengths but the beauty of its coast deeply impressed even me. Preserved in a state of undisturbed nature, the sea in Sahl Hasheesh is crystal clear and the air is full of healthy microelements and heated with sun. The breathtaking large lengths are so picturesque and vast that as a creative person I almost physically felt the elation while contemplating them.

Especially, it was fascinating to the contrary of our compact Hurgada. In complete silence, disturbed only by seagull yelling and chimes of our local small copy of Big Ben, I was strolling along the seaside, contemplating beauty of the seabed through transparent water, when I came across a huge shell…what was it? Yet one more and yet another. Can you imagine that somewhere on a public beach such natural wonders still exist? We couldn’t help poaching one of them.

That trip was a turning point for us. We went ahead for a deal and started the process.

Soon after, we got the keys from our apartment in Paradise Garden project in Sahl Hasheesh. Initially, my husband planned to use this apartment as an investment with a view to further sale or rent. However, intuitively, I was absolutely sure that we ourselves needed that property. The Egyptian winter came and we started preparing our future cozy home for summer months. But it was not very easy as we had to put in order the apartment itself. After commissioning, the developer left several arrears of work and the managing company eliminated them absolutely free of charge (only for tips). They are magnificent and cooperative people. Everything was done accurately and in timely manner. I was delighted by their protective covering on the floor while painting. They re-painted our walls, changed the toilet seat, fixed shower drainage and changed tiles in the shower room; they also completely fixed all the interior doors and door locks, cleaned the ceramics from splashes, and even moved and hanged our cupboards in the kitchen.

To be honest, 90% of those flaws I could omit. But my husband is a thorough person and always fine-tunes everything.

When all the deficiencies of newly-built property had been fixed, we started to furnish our flat. Sahl Hasheesh is not the same place as cozy Hurgada where everything is on hand. And if you forget to take nails along with you, the pictures will not hang on the wall today. Therefore, we had to be as attentive as possible to take all that we needed with us, including Russian master hand Alex, who has been our contractor for many years. Owing to his magic touch, everything is in place in our apartments. 

He assisted us in putting up wallpaper on the main wall in our living room where the TV set is hanging. Huffing and puffing because of previously made flaws, he hung tiny hi-tech spot lights, set up IKEA lighting fixture on the ceiling, and fastened a huge number of hooks and pictures. The flat was ready for furnishing.

We ordered furniture for Shahl Hasheesh from our longtime partners that serve our company’s clients. In less than a month, workers brought the models that I ordered. Like in our apartment in Hurgada, everything was done exclusively by my own design that I found, floating around the Internet. They delivered, assembled everything, and even did not scratch a thing. The built-in furniture ideally fell into its place. Everything worked out in the best possible way and by summer the flat had been on full alert. We didn’t hurry and did our best to arrange our nest.





All that I am going to tell below is not an advertisement, it is the plain truth. And let my ears grow as big as elephant Dumbo’s if I am telling lies. 

Morning in Sahl Hasheesh

Waking up, same like falling asleep, in Sahl is a real pleasure. Quietness is not disturbed by anything, except for rare bird singing outside. The air is clear, revitalizing for the whole body and nerves. The resort is created for the kind of people like me, pure introvert (as weird as it might sound, taking into account my professional activity). So, my morning always starts in the same manner. I get up at about 8 o’clock. After my washing procedures, I drink half liter of warm water, put on my swimming costume and morning gown, and proceed to the pool for a swim. 

These are the moments of full joy and thrill of life. The morning sun toasts my skin; smells of grass, wet from dew, exercise my sense of odor; and my entire body starts to “sing” when I step into the sky-blue cool pool waters. Sleepy, yet warm organism wakes up for a new day. I physically feel the blood circulating over my body. This is the moment I experience my existence. Within a few seconds, I realize that the water does not seem so cool; it pampers me and gives bliss. I try to use the opportunity to meditate and achieve the state of mindfulness. I look around and all the surrounding flowers, beautiful architecture, and clear sky delight me so much… 



In such a manner, I swim for about half an hour, sometimes, even with hydro-massage. The water head on the filters is quite strong, so I can loosen my stiff sides. After the pool I go straight to the open-air shower. It is smothered in bougainvillea.

When at home, I eat my delicious and healthy breakfast with good appetite. The new day is inaugurated! 

Day in Sahl Hasheesh

Summer days are hot here, so, I try to avoid direct sunlight as, unfortunately, it causes skin aging. I work during the day. 

Evening in Sahl Hasheesh

After my working day, depending on my mood, I have three options. At about four o’clock, I may go to:

- the swimming pool

- the seaside

- the beach in Piramiza hotel by bicycle 

I will give more details about each of the options.

If I am planning evening bathing, then I postpone it to the hours after sunset, so that I can have a swim with strains of cicada’s night chirping under the moonlight and diamond star placer. Our yard is beautifully illuminated, and this night bathing is somewhat fascinating, a little bit besetting, and full of pristine beauty. 

If I choose a trip to the seaside, I go to our cozy beach and explore the reef. I am equipped with a mask and swim fins. Setting my feet on the soft sand, I reach the corals, and start my another adventure, every time new and exciting. Who will I see today? A turtle? A huge eagle ray, flying over the reefs like a real big eagle? A moray, cautiously peering over the cave? Or maybe a dolphin? I often take a camera with me and soon I will make a film on my underwater travels over Sahl Hasheesh reefs. I easily swim from our beach to the Baron hotel. Once I even almost reached Ocean Breese! I sometimes come up of the water to look around and I see breathtaking endless deep blue and desolate high seas. I don’t know where else in the world one may achieve such a unity with nature remaining within the modern comfort of posh resort. 

Each reef is unique and during my trips, I have already studied their habitants pretty much. I joyfully meet my “old friends” and wave hello to them. One of my favorite places is a reef circle beside the Baron hotel; I like to swim inside that circle to be surrounded with reef all around. I also adore feasting my eyes with deepwater life flowing throughout coralline formations in the Baron neighborhood. Normally, I come out of water at the Baron beach and walk towards Paradise Garden where my belongings are waiting for me. Our resort is guarded, so the items are absolutely secured.

There are some days when I want to stretch my legs, so I choose cycling to the Pirmiza hotel beach. This wonderful hotel is our developer’s property, therefore, we, the residents, have free access to it. My cycle ride takes around 10 minutes.

 I rush ahead, tying to fill my lungs with the healthful air as much as possible.

The Piramiza beach is widely known as one of the best beaches in Sahl; it is virtually all sandy and entrance to the sea does not require special footwear. I swim there without a mask. I pass by the entire beach, almost to the lighthouse, and back when the sunlight is soft and doesn’t blink my eyes. I come back by the sunset. I know that swimming the after sunset is forbidden, however, I dare to disturb the moon-glade beside the secure seashore. 

Night in Sahl Hasheesh

Although it might sound trite and aged, I sleep at night. My times of foolhardy adventures are already in the past, I don’t like going out. I am a homebody. However, sometimes, at about 9-10 p.m., I may make a track by bicycle to our well-known bridge which cuts through the seawaters for 250 meters. Over there, beside the yachts, in the light of lanterns, the sea is bustling. You can seat on the wooden cope and watch splendid schools of fish. I haven’t got the clue why they are messing around there; possibly, they like the light… \

On the same bridge, there is a “dream bench” as I call it. The point is that the bridge ends up with beautiful and convenient benches and wide wooden arm-chairs, where one may seat and dream, looking at the dome of haven with mysterious twinkling stars.

What other activities are available in Sahl Hasheesh?

There is a farm here; it is around 25 minutes of bicycle ride from Paradise. If you like horseback riding, you may take a ride along the seashore. I have talked to the guys at the farm; they say desert horse-breaking is available for the experienced riders like me. Under the guidance of an instructor, one may gallop to his heart content. But I must confess that I have lost my interest to horse riding. Probably, my willingness will get back…

For those, who like tennis, courts are available. 

Every hotel possesses SPA center where you may sweat in a steam bath or take a series of massage.

Children are regularly invited to evolutive thematical campuses.

As a resident I am notified on every event by a letter from Sahl Hasheesh administration, so I am kept up-to-date on everything that is going on in our resort. A chain of cultural events in the glorious Piazza, summer and winter alike, will keep you light-hearted, same as careless Friday parties on El Gusto beach accompanied by popular DJ modern music.

Perhaps, you are already eager to join us. Well, I don’t mind. However, property in Sahl Hasheesh is expensive. Very expensive. However, up to 5 year installment plans are available. Splendor requires payment. But what is money comparing to a peace of mind and happy life which is so short? 

Property in Sahl shall not be purchased with the last savings; this is the place for those who have reached great triumphs and picks the best. 

If you would like to get more details, please, do not hesitate to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +201287550818 (Viber and Whats App)


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