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Before making a list of things that you plan to take with you to Egypt, read this article, which will certainly help you avoid problems at customs in Hurghada.


What is taxable?

1. Goods for sale. Believe it or not, if you are bringing ten pairs of socks with tags, they may be seized if it seems at the customs that you have decided to resell them at 4 times more expensive. We advise you to cut off all tags.

2. Valuable items and new goods worth over 1,500 Egyptian pounds, even if they are for personal use

3. Household electrical appliances

4. Musical instruments

5. Furniture and household items (carpets, blankets, fabrics, etc.)

6. Cutlery made from precious metals, paintings, precious stones and souvenirs - everything that can be valuable in the opinion of the customs officer

7. Antiquities (items made over 100 years ago)

It is also undesirable to carry a large number of books with you, they will not be taxed, but it is likely that there will be a security check of the content.

The rates of taxes and the conditions for the import are established by the Customs Tariff, the latest version of which was approved by the Decree of the President of the ARE No. 419 of 2018, as well as the Executive Regulation to the Law of the ARE dated 1975 No. 118 " Import and Export".

It should be noted that anyone who wants to enter Egypt for a limited period has the right to go to the customs point and declare certain valuable personal goods (for example, diving equipment, computer equipment, photo and video equipment), or enter information about them in a passport, which will free you from paying customs duties.

What is forbidden to import into Egypt:

1. Narcotic and psychotropic drugs

2. Any weapons and military equipment (there have been cases of attempts to import a metal detector)

3. Any tracking devices (miniature video and sound recording devices)

4. Unmanned aerial vehicles without the prior consent of the competent authorities of the ARE (these include drones, copters, etc.)

5. Pyrotechnics

6. Printed products and video-photo objects that offend the religion and are contrary to moral (for example, pornography)

7. Any seeds and plants, raw potatoes

8. Alcohol in the amount of more than 1 liter

9. More than 200 pcs. Cigarettes

These are general rules that will certainly help you when traveling to Egypt. Remember that a smile, calmness and self-confidence help the most successful to pass customs control in Egypt successfully.

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