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Akar Group for Real Estate expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the apartment buyers in Hurgada who agreed to provide their feedback on the company.  


I suppose I am the craziest buyer of property!! I was in Egypt only once! I have always been attracted by the sea-side, sun-shine, palm-trees, so my daughter and I kick-started to Africa, having left my little twin-sons, six months old, to my Mom’s care. That was a dream!!! Absolute summer in late November when in Denmark it started spitting with snow and in my homeland, in Estonia, the snowdrifts were so big that they prevented the front door from opening and the snowfalls caused power cuts! Then I decided to come to Hurgada every winter.

Good day to you all. I was brought into contact with Akar Real Estate by virtue of the following circumstances. It had been for a long time since my wife and I had an eye on a flat abroad, the only thing was that we didn’t know where exactly.

Hello. I would like to share my story of purchasing a flat on the Red Sea coast. That is the way of the world that fanciful ideas come into one’s mind with the spare cash on hand or when there is an express desire to get away from it all. I had both.

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