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Akar Group for Real Estate expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the apartment buyers in Hurgada who agreed to provide their feedback on the company.  

"The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets" – Rothschild

Long before the travels to Egypt became affordable and therefore, popular with Russian people, I associated the name of this country with the history book – with pyramids, pharos, ancient pictures of chariots. Everything was weird, strange and exciting. And if at those times of Soviet stagnation somebody would have told me that I could touch all of that with my own hands, and, moreover, that I would visit that wonderful country 2-3 times a year, I would never believe that!

It turned out that splendor of pyramids was not the most mind-bending matter. THE SEA!!! Despite the fact that I have seen enough of the seas (the Baltic sea, the Black sea, Mediterranean, Aegean, Barents, and the North sea) – all of them were merely the seas. But the Red sea is the SEA!!! At the day of my arrival I virtually did not get out of it. Fishes of all colors of the rainbow that I have never seen before were swimming just under my feet! I suppose it was the moment when I made a decision somewhere at the back of my mind.
The idea of purchase a place for living at the sea-side came up to my mind after the 10th trip. We have been to Sharm three times and seven times to Hurgada.
So, my train of thought was something like that:
Why Egypt?
Summertime is 12 months per year. No way to Turkey and Tunisia. Flight to any other resort, so much liked by our compatriots, like India, Thailand, Dominican would take twice as long as the way to Egypt. To be honest, 5 hours on board are also quite stressful but 10… it’s too much.
A flat in Egypt costs 5,000 USD (although you could hardly live in such a flat). But for 20,000 you can find quite acceptable one. Besides, an interest-free installment plan is negotiable. Payments of the utility bills are inessential – about 500 USD per year. Of course, there were more expensive options but I was looking for a “summerhouse” which I could visit several times a year. I was not likely to lease it out. I was rather willing to invest my spare cash.

But the main reason was the Sea!!! Here it is, just nearby!
And I wanted to settle in Hurgada. In Sharm, the land is only for lease. A bit troublesome, I suppose (although the leasing is for 99 years).
So, I started to study the issues on the web. The issues were as follows:
- Real estate market supply;
- Paperwork procedure;
- Selection of a reliable real estate agency.
It turned out that the paperwork procedure was really simple.
And whereas, according the famous proverb, Russia has two problems – fools and bad roads, in Egypt they are unfinished buildings and scams.
Unfinished building projects may be found all over Hurgada. Wherever you go from the airport, you will see the reinforcement units of unfinished buildings. Many businessmen kick-started development projects, having overrated their strengths. The web-sites bristle with offers at the initial stage of development at very lucrative prices. But the risk is too high. If money falls into the hand of an Egyptian man, he will never give them back. So, after hours of searching the world-web, I came to conclusion that probably only a few projects were worth of interest. First, Florenza Hamsin, second, Cleopatra, third Nur Plaza (now re-called Pyramids-2). All of them are run by reputable developers and the works were not suspended even during the uprisings. All the tree sites are residential compounds within walking distance of the sea-side, with a swimming-pool, security service etc. Of course, it is easier and safer to buy a ready-to-live flat but investment in the development project will generate more profits. So, that was settled.
Next and the most important issue was to select the agency. That was the most complicated task. I had to read loads of discussions on the web. I suppose, I have read all of the internet sources directly or indirectly associated with real estate business in Hurgada.
And the more I was looking into this topic, the narrower was the search. When only 2 reliable candidates were left, I read posting of one of the permanent residents of Hurgada, a diehard skeptic, Samson70 (Vadim residing in Lotos compound). There he, in the manner not usual for him, highly appreciated the activity of Anastasia from Akar Real Estate. “Akar” was in the list of my two candidates. Moreover, I signed up on this site and was a regular user of it. Liked that they not merely offered the property but followed up the entire development process. The site visitors are timely informed on all the special offers and the prices are regularly updated. And communication with Nastia was nothing but pleasure. She has been nursing all my fancies for more than a year. At the same time, I got in touch with her market competitors: All of them plainly circulated the same offers meaning “Let’s talk when you arrive”.
When I was on my way to the place, carrying the amount of first installment in my pocket, the final decision was made.
They picked us up at the hotel and we went to see Florenza and Cleopatra – just for pro-forma, of course (or rather in order to persuade ourselves that we were making the right choice). But the choice had been already made in favor of Nur Plaza. The main criteria were the location outside Hurgada (we really got tired of bothersome merchants, never-ending honking car-horns and so on), vicinity to the sea-shore (and they promise a kind of private beach that is veeery important in Egypt), a big shopping mall in the neighborhood (they are developing the Karfur mall in some hundreds of meters). And the finishing touch was high appreciation of the developer, its reputability, which with the help of Akar agency representatives allowed for an interest-free installment plan.
So, here I am – the happy owner of F-10 studio in Nur Plaza.
Please, do not consider this posting and a guideline – I just shared my experience. I will be glad to answer any questions. My name is Anton Lobynichev. I live in St-Petersburg. You may easily find me in social networks. Good luck to you all!

Anton Lobynichev.

After our 12th time of travelling to Hurgada we decided: Let’s go and buy a flat! Our grandson Miroslav gets sick easily in St-Petersburg (the diagnosis: bronchial asthma, constant rheum). But the next day we come to Egypt – our kid is healthy! This is the main reason to buy. Besides, we are pensioners and that means we are free people.
A year ago we addressed several real estate agencies in Hurgada; they dealt with us normally but we did not feel enthusiasm. In 2011 we found Akar Real Estate Agency on the web and viewed their offers. We contacted Anastasia Osama and liked her very much – GOOD JOB! She gave the prompt answer to all our questions. When we asked her to show video of the flat – we got it the same evening. Although we planned our trip for the nearest time, we decided to book the flat – just in order not to be disappointed in case someone wanted to buy it before us. Anyway, it was nothing to lose because the deposited amount was refundable within the month.
24 December 2011 was our much-anticipated day of arrival to Hurgada and the next day we had an appointment with Nastia and her husband. They picked us up by their “Mercedes” at our hotel and brought us to the Nile Palace compound that we chose. We were showed some apartments for sale; however, we followed Nastia’s advice.

As soon as on 26 December we got all the documents executed and the payments effected. The same day our diligent estate agents took us for shopping where we immediately bought lamps and furniture.
We liked so much that promptness, diligence and kind attitude of those wonderful people – ANASTASIA AND OSAMA.
I wish there were more such people like them!
Hopefully, we will remain friends and will stay in contact when we move to the Red Sea coast. And don’t believe to rumors that life is bad here! WE SAY THANK YOU! SEE YOU SOON!

Galina, Vladilent, and Miroslav Tikhomirovs,


I suppose I am the craziest buyer of property!! I was in Egypt only once! I have always been attracted by the sea-side, sun-shine, palm-trees, so my daughter and I kick-started to Africa, having left my little twin-sons, six months old, to my Mom’s care. That was a dream!!! Absolute summer in late November when in Denmark it started spitting with snow and in my homeland, in Estonia, the snowdrifts were so big that they prevented the front door from opening and the snowfalls caused power cuts! Then I decided to come to Hurgada every winter.
Apart from the sunshine, sea and palm-trees, I felt the wonder-working climate of Egypt on my own experience. After severe twin-pregnancy with late toxicosis I gained 55 kg (together with the boys, 4 kg each at birth) and suffered from swellings, indigestion, deep depression, and other nasties. Next day after my arrival, my organism set upon a daily regimen, depression faded out as the melting Danish snow, and I started to LIVE. Coming home was a kind of check test for my reaction to climate changes: my infirmities returned (that moment I remembered my dear Mom with all her headaches, arthritis and other diseases of aging – wouldn’t it be great if she comes there!). Here I would like to note that Egyptian remedies work like magic – I brought her a whole bagful of them!! Of course, during my holiday, I didn’t think about buying a property: I myself lived in a rented flat - no way! ;) However, while visiting an Egyptian hairdresser, who complained on his hard life and small (!!) tips, I knew how much he paid for his rented studio. Then, while waiting for a massage therapist, I met the owner of the beauty salon, who boasted on a house which he built for his mother and the lodging apartments which he was buying for tourists. “He is rich.” – I thought. “Or a big liar”!! I asked how much the apartments were. 100,000 LE to buy that will be paid out during the apartment leasing. I thought he was definitely lying! Then I forgot it and returned to safari and Paradise Islands. We had rest and happily returned home. And here we go: I want back to Egypt, forever!! I searched for “cheap studios and apartments” on the web and came across Akar Real Estate offers. I remembered that talkative Arab and decided to check out his words…he was telling the truth! The prices were real and the instalment plan was interest-free – the conditions that a single parent may only imagine... I started to enquire into this question, reading discussion boards, advertisements, and, of course, checking reputations of the agencies ;) I was pretty lucky– Akar was the first agency I came across and, judging from the comments, they were reliable!! I also liked their offer of the remote purchase as I was afraid that I would have to fly to Africa for every single paper!! And I liked their soft-sell policy: I sent a letter with my enquiry and received a direct response without any touting (I even was disappointed: there was

 no any argument as I expected). So I debated that question in my mind until I came across the “Special Offer” topic. In Estonia, where I grew up, this action is not widespread. So, first I didn’t expect much when I was reading: “Congratulations on the Women’s Day. Ladies are granted a special offer”. However, they were exactly those 5% of the discount that I needed to afford buying an apartment!! And 3 days till the end of the campaign! Oh, MOOOMMY, happy holiday! The keys will be ours only a year on, though :D It took me only 2 hours of chatting in skype with Anastasia (a woman of great patience!!!). I really got to her asking different silly questions like the width of the corridor! But it was fun. I sent her a reserve amount and the studio was ours!! I am pleased as a dog with two tails but my Mom still uses sedatives. Thank you, Akar!! Thank you, Anastasia!! I owe you a present when I come to Egypt :))) By the way, there is another special offer effective till the year end: An air conditioner to a young mother (why young? Because she has small kids ;) I wonder if I could have two items for my twins ;)). So, go ahead, guys!!


Kristina (a mother of three)

Lyudmila is the buyer of a flat in Isida Joya project in Hurgada. 

Lyudmila found one of our web-sites – Blog of Hurgada Resident – when she came to thinking about buying a flat in Hurgada. She was in correspondence with our marketing director, negotiating the projects, property offers, and payment schemes.
Lyudmila is one of those clients who clearly specify parameters of the preferred property in Egypt, so, Isida Joya project in Al Ahyya was selected quite quickly. She was one of those who bought the property without moving out of her native city, so to say by Skype.
Here it is, Lyudmila’s story, for you, our dear readers, admirers of Egypt.
Would-Be Egypt Residents
Why and how do we fell in love? The answer to this question remains uncertain for thousands of years. Our feelings cannot be analyzed in cold blood in order to understand how it was.
Our love also started out of the blue. Just one touch. Discharge. And we are bound and cannot imagine lives without each other. A year after that first touch we shared the same family name and got the official marital status. From the very first dating we see everything eye to eye, sharing the same dreams and principles despite we are so different…
We enjoy travelling very much. Only for the last year we visited Turkey once and Egypt twice. Our Siberia with its cold and dark weather for most of the year abates our spirits. We like the hot sun, dry climate, yellow sand, blue sky and the infinite diversity of the sea.
We fell in love with Egypt once and for all, and we made a decision to come and live there for a while. Of course, making such a challenging decision as moving home sparks a state of euphoria, creating a desire to put it into practice as soon as possible. But we decided to tackle this issue in a more deliberate way and get ready in advance.
A period of one year was allowed for preparations. That included buying a flat (paying out the entire cost of it), pulling up languages, completing the additional courses to help us find a job in Hurgada, finalizing all our current affairs, selling out the items that lack storage space, and conditioning of our parents to believe that we would move.
We started from selection of a flat to move into our own hosing. Thank goodness, prices and installment plans for the real estate in Egypt enable virtually every one to choose an affordable roof over his head. Hour upon hour we were analyzing all the information that we could obtain from the internet, reading discussion boards and trying to shortlist the unfair agents featured by the slightest negative feedback on the world-web. Eventually, we opted for Akar Real Estate agency and started dealing with its representative. Of course, we have read enough of shockers on “black estate agents” as well as on those who cash in on ourselves by making us pay more for the square meters which the developer would sell much cheaper. However… aren’t the risks higher when you contact on-line someone who calls himself a developer and entice you by honey words, telling what a good and quick constructor he is? Besides, you would be lucky if he can speak fairly good Russian, or you should know English perfectly. Moreover, in order to choose an appropriate option, you should contact more than one developer. And the agency will provide you with a variety of properties – in different areas, at different prices, from different developers, and at different stages of construction. It was also important for us that the contract we sign was reviewed by a third party expert. It is a good practice when an experienced specialist may look through the documents. Besides, you can always contact a man who “keeps his finger on the pulse”, supervising your cash flow and the construction and sending you photo- and video reports from time to time. You may always address him with any question. All in all, not everyone is experienced in such a case as buying real estate abroad.
We decided to take a considerable risk and buy cheaper but in a common tenancy. We have enough time for it. So, our flat is under development now, and we are going on with our preparations. We are pulling up our English, studying Arabic (learning reading and writing). We are also studying the situation in Egypt, participating in discussions in order to be backed by more information. And we are saving up money to have something in stock for the period of adaptation and searching for work… In a nutshell, we are doing our best to minimize the stress and risk that are inevitably associated with moving home. Let alone moving to other country for a long time.
Our love to Egypt is as inexplicable as our love to each other. Hopefully, it will be mutual. In sha Allah!

Lyudmila, Siberia

Good day to you all. I was brought into contact with Akar Real Estate by virtue of the following circumstances. It had been for a long time since my wife and I had an eye on a flat abroad, the only thing was that we didn’t know where exactly. We considered China, Thailand but the flight there takes too long. Eventually, we opted for Egypt. We started to search on-line and came across Irina (Tourism and Real Estate +7 903 104 73 90). Then we met her in the office. She told us about her partner in Hurgada - Akar Real Estate agency. And we contacted them via e-mail, then by Skype. At the same time I was in touch with many of other firms specializing in real estate sale in Hurgada and Moscow. I am not willing to designate them as a negative publicity (one of them offered me to buy an already sold apartment, as it was revealed later on). When Anastasia (the founder of the company) and I considered dozens of offers, we settled upon Cleopatra. I took full professional opinion then. It was the time to deposit a reserve amount. Buying a tour in addition to the amount deposited was not affordable for me; however, temporization was risky as well because the flat was nice indeed. So, Nastia sent me an unexpected proposal: “Let me make a deposit for you, and you will give it back later”. She did it and two weeks later, my acquaintances had a holiday there and handed over my debt. A month later, I went to Egypt and formalized the contract. We started the procedure of execution the contract with the developer. Up until now, I address Anastasia for help and have never been met by a refusal. I did not exaggerate anything; I just described everything as it was.


My name is Natalia and I express my heartfelt gratitude to Anastasia and her Aakar Real Estate agency. In her work, she showed an exclusive professional expertise, involvement and friendliness. She is also a kind, decent, supportive, and responsible person. I am convinced that I was lucky to meet Anastasia at the challenging real estate market. Nastia, you are a real expert. We purchased an apartment in the posh residential compound – Diamond of Arabia (by the way, Nastia lives in the same place that attracted us moreover). We intended this apartment for living - for my Mom, a pensioner, and for my younger son who loves Egypt very much. In the near future we are going to buy two more apartments in a compound with a swimming pool for rent. Then we are planning to move for permanent residence in Hurgada. We viewed the offered apartment at the time that was convenient for us and the paperwork was done in a prompt, honest manner with a legal support. I say many THANKS!!! In future, I will always recommend Aakar Real Estate agency to my all relatives and friends. I wish the company further prosperity, more successful deals and grateful clients. We are ready for further cooperation. Akar Real Estate is the best agency in Hurgada.

St-Petersburg, 2013

Hello. My name is Yuriy and I am an experienced buyer of apartments in Hurgada. I made my first purchase in 2010 when my family and I stayed in a hotel and I personally viewed the offers. I saw many buildings and opted for a good quality and ready-to-live house in El Hadaba some 3 minutes of walk to the beach. Now I stay there till my other flat, which I bought through the assistance of Akar Real Estate, is under construction. I had known Anastasia for a long time and I was on correspondence with her via internet. Then I came to Hurgada, visited her office and met her in person. Less than six month later, I was about to purchase an apartment in a building with a private beach. The entire deal was made remotely, the documents were sent by mail. I would like to note that I was absolutely sure about respectability of the company and they met my expectations. In particular, I diverted from the established procedure and did not send the signed documents. I wanted to deliver them in person during my next visit to the Florenza construction site. I planned to see my new apartment in progress with my own eyes but that plan did not work out and I came to Hurgada almost a year on. I handed the documents out together with the amount of my next installment, which I also delayed. Of course, my case is not a guideline for the other apartment buyers in Hurgada, however, the fact is the fact. I was not subjected to any problems or penalties. Everything was in a prompt manner. During my last visit, I was in my apartment under construction, which at the time of the purchase existed only in the architectural drawing. In the photo I am with Anastasia in the balcony of my apartment in Hurgada. 


Hello. I would like to share my story of purchasing a flat on the Red Sea coast. That is the way of the world that fanciful ideas come into one’s mind with the spare cash on hand or when there is an express desire to get away from it all. I had both. I said “fanciful” because until quite recently, I thought that such purchases were nothing but silly dreams. Bulgaria, Italy, Montenegro, Spain, Turkey, Egypt - my computer’s screen was riddled with promises of blissful life and lucrative dividends. When all of this made me tired, I started to read discussion boards and little by little came down to earth from my dreams. A suspicion creeped into my dream – all those Gypsies in Bulgaria with its unstable climate, pricy property offer in Spain and Montenegro, and other blusters of the sweet dreams. After weighing all pros and cons, I settled upon Egypt. However, dreams are just dreams and since I had made a decision, I had to tackle that issue. There were lots of real estate agents on the discussion boards, so, with the use of Skype, I had the opportunity to communicate with them well enough. And I dropped my shoulders. The conversation dragged since the whole scheme was usually as follows: “This is the picture. It’s a great offer. Will you take it?” I decided to come there in person and to make a choice in place, although, the communication I had gave me the grounds to expect viewing of the offers that I didn’t really want and seeing unsatisfied estate agents. I didn’t give a second chance to any of the agents who I had talked to. My mail inbox was bulging at the seams and I gave it up for a while. I came across Akar Real Estate web-site by accident and contacted them via Skype. I bought into their unobtrusive way of communication, unlike my preceding informants. Perhaps, it was due to the professional competence or maybe due to their understanding of my needs without adding to the existing tension. As a result, I contacted them time after time, asking, confirming and reconfirming. And I also was advised on the basis of my inquiry - what type of flat was needed for and how it was going to be used. 

All in all, I liked Florenza compound and the issue of purchase arose. There was nothing to see on the development site yet and I was still pondering the question of delivering the cash through the customs clearance hoping to get a discount when paying in cash. While I was looking through the web site for the tenth time in a row, the information caught my eye: “Remote Purchase”. I didn’t see that section before. After reading that topic, I realized that it was exactly what I needed because in my case there was no property for viewing and I did not have to go the development site. Of course, there were some doubts as to reliability of the agency. But they faded out in the process of dealing. Everything was duly unscrambled: sending and getting a contract for viewing, payment, receiving the signed contract. I don’t know about the other agencies, people might have different experiences with them, and they were not always satisfactory, but I am pleased. Now the most difficult thing is ahead: Waiting till the end of construction. Then the agency will swing into action again, this time in order to effect the deal. I think its assistance will not end up at this point as the range of their services is quite broad. And I am getting ready for the forthcoming furnishing of my new flat and leasing it out for the period of my absence. That is all for now.

Sergey and daughter Alina

My name is Alexandr and would like to say thank you with all my heart to all Akar Real Estate employees and personally, to Anastasia, who helped me so much in buying a flat in Hurgada. She provided us with the competent and straightforward explanations on underlying potential dangers and possible risks.

My wife and I proved ourselves “naughty buyers” as until the last minute, we did not know what kind of property we really wanted to get. For several months we looked through different offers and could not make our final choice. But despite our inconsistency, Anastasia always kept calm and was polite.
We liked the fact that Anastasia warned us not only about the risks we could encounter during the purchase but also about the risks that may arise when we are registered as the owners. My wife and I appreciate very much the fact that such a complicated task was tackled for us by a professional! We were also pleased that Anastasia did not charge us any agent’s fee. Next time, when the need be, we will possibly address this company and personally Anastasia for their agency.

Alexandr and Amalia.

I started to think about buying a flat in Egypt after my 15th visit to it. I stayed in different hotels, in different resorts but there is no place like home in Hurgada. What is this city for me? This is the place where I can have rest after hard working, feeling myself a free and happy man. I come from rainy St-Petersburg but in Hurgada, it is always sunny and people are smiling. I chose a flat on-line, read much, and opted for a compound with a swimming pool because it meant safety and prestige for me. I am a diving instructor (it is my hobby) and the underwater world attracts me no less than the sunshine and good people’s attitude. Beforehand, I studied much of compounds in Hurgada, than I contacted Akar Real Estate where I was offered many properties with various photos but I was recommended the same house where I bought my flat and I have no regrets about it. I came and after the viewing, effected all the payments in place. Akar Real Estate assisted me in processing all the paperwork, registering metering devices and in any case, Nastia and Osama are my big friends. Every time when we meet I bring the “a particle of Russia” in a form of our souvenirs! I know that they are pleased to get them, especially Anastasia as she has lived in Egypt for about 5 years. 

I would like to express my gratitude to these people who helped me to avoid any problems and delays during the flat purchase. I have made the right choice.

Dmitry, St-Petersburg

When I was buying a tour to Egypt, I would never think that I was about to make a serious purchase – a residential space in Hurgada. Occasionally or not, I heard about apartment buildings under construction in Hurgada and decided to find out more about it - at first, just out of curiosity. I was recommended Anastasia who was exactly the person to tackle this issue. But before that, my attention was brought to the Florenza Hamsin – a residential compound under development. Even at that stage it could be said that would be a wonderful project. I am used to bureaucracy in any cases and what really surprised me was prompt execution of the deal on purchasing a flat in Hurgada. Anastasia explained everything in a plain and clear manner, assisted and translated everything and I decided to embark on such a venture as purchasing a flat. The place is fascinating. The sea is nearby. The air is the clearest. Thank you.


Long before our trip (back in the early June) we had an idea of buying a flat.
My husband and I decided on dealing with a real estate agency and it was our first and final decision. That was not because we were so lazy. We were going to a foreign country with a foreign mentality and foreign laws. Besides, without a good knowledge of the city, its districts and people, it would be very difficult to physically manage viewing the flats and to make the right choice.
For a start, I searched for real estate agencies. I chose Akar Real Estate because, according to my husband, it was “the most well-heeled” (the web-site, blog etc. are active).

I completely screwed Anastasia’s brain. I e-mailed and contacted her via Skype every day for six weeks. I asked the same questions in different ways. Apartments, districts, prices, and buying formalities haunted me even in sleep. Nastia outstanded all my questions with great patience. In my turn, I communicated everything to my husband. When there was something he did not understand and I had forgotten, I asked Nastia over and over again. So, I am not sure whether she was pleased to work with us )))

I must say that Anastasia planned a trip to Russia and was coming back to Egypt on 16.09.12 and we planned to come to Hurgada on 14.09.12. But there was some problem with tickets and she informed us about her arrival from Russia on 24.09.12. We had to leave Hurgada on 23.09 and only that one day made our meeting impossible. Nastia send us a letter saying that we would be working with their business partner with a solid expertise who would do its best. I was in panic! It looked like we were cheated! My husband kept calm. He said that their trip was planned in advance but the ticket dates could be uncertain. Nothing to be done. The tour had been already bought. The belongings had been packed. And we took off.

On the second day of our stay in Hurgada, the partner of Akar Real Estate –Osama Reda showed us around the estate properties. As I mentioned above, I was in panic when I got to know that Nastia would not work with us. My fears were absolutely needless.

Osama picked us up from the hotel sharp at the appointed time. We viewed many apartments that day.

But there was one that gained our hearts. After 5 minutes of stay in that residential complex, I started to envision my sitting in a rocking chair near the swimming pool, my walk to the beach, the open-air barbecue which my husband and I could have in the yard; I saw myself sitting near the small water-fall, enjoying its coolness and watching the palm-trees while having the most delicious coffee…

A funny fact: the first option that Nastia offered to us at the very beginning of our dealing was that apartment. I showed its photo to my husband. He refused outright. He said that the ground floor was not the right choice. Nastia did not insist on it, though she strongly recommended that we just come and see. And we did it ))

One more reason why we bought for it was the fact that the property manager lived in the same compound. Everything was swept clean and painted; the swimming pool was crystal blue. That man takes care about his business. It was understood at first glance. In one of the evenings we brought our Mother over there (she travelled with us but was not aware of our plans; she thought we were just on holiday, having rest and visiting friends). It took us three minutes of walk from the road. A small street was dark with no illumination. And she kept asking us where we were going in such darkness.
And then we showed her into the compound – she gasped in amazed delight! What a beauty! (The night lighting over there was fantastic).
And my husband said: “Mom, we are going to buy a flat here”. She even shed a tear )) She liked it and her opinion was very important for me.
The compound’s name was “Diamond of Arabia”. It is to the left from the Florenza Khamsin (if you face Florenza).
As a bit of a tangent.
Initially, we wanted to purchase a flat in Florenza. We even made the pre-payment. But it fortuned that somebody wanted to buy the flat we were aimed at. Moreover, he was ready to pay with cash. Right away. Managers sold it without hesitation disregard of our reservation. We were offered the equal one but one floor down. The impression was spoiled.
On the arrival, we went there, viewed, and refused. Osama Reda tackled the issue of paying the advance money back to us. In these terms we had not to do anything.
Upon our request, Osama met with our lawyer. All the tree (my husband, Osama, and the lawyer) discussed the details. Then they decided upon all the technical particulars of signing the contract but it is of no interest now. Here I want to give a special mention to the fact that Osama Reda ensured us that we could contact him at any time regarding any questions and that he would be always be happy to help us.
However, we met Nastia and her husband in Moscow! Back home, on 23.09, we went to “Kosmos” hotel where they stayed. They were wonderful, nice people. We had no slightest regret as to our decision on trusting them in such a hard choice as a flat purchase.
What I disliked:
1. First of all, I was shocked by seeing the rubbish. It was lying over everywhere. That was very annoying. Thereafter, however, I got used to it.
2. The street vendors were really bothersome. Even in Moscow I dislike when I enter the shop and the assistants rush towards me, saying “How can I help you?” Here, all of that is raised to some incredible level.
What I liked:
1. I have read enough that in Egypt everything is done in a relaxed, leisurely manner, that being late is normal. I expected to be annoyed by that because I am used to arrive even some 5 minutes in advance. I hate being late and can’t stand the people who dare to behave like that. And what was the result? No one has ever been late for our appointment and the ordered taxis were just on time. Everyone was exact and punctual. And even the notary office was prompt and accurate (I remember with horror queues in Moscow to get a power of attorney from the notary).
2. Tranquility everywhere. No hustle and bustle. It was a complete brain cramp. Despite we were travelling on business, we had a wonderful rest.
3. I recon Akar Real Estate did a good job. Without their assistance, prompt advice and support we would go through difficulties.
We may surely recommend Akar Real Estate.

Tested on myself!
Inna, Moscow

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Category: Complex with swimming pool
Beside Festival hotel, El Aheya, Red Sea
400 meters to the sea-side. European-style ultra-modern ...
For sale
Category: Complex with swimming pool
Hurghada,Old Sheraton,The View, Mariott, Red Sea
Compound the View,beautiful ready for living ...
For sale
Category: Ordinary house
Intercontinental, Intercontinental, Red Sea
Cozy flat with a bedroom in very ...

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Top areas for foreigners


A new district with high-quality modern housing. Low prices from $ 10 000

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The city center of Hurghada. Near the houses beaches and shops. Comfortable area for Europeans.

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Beautiful area favorite European customers. Infrastructure. Near a tourist walking area.

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Compound in down town