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  •  53 kilometers from airport
  • 45 kilometers south of the city of Hurghada
  • Luxury resort

Soma peninsula, which has become the center of the respectable resort of Soma Bay on the shores of a quiet bay. The main advantages of Soma Bay are unspoiled nature, wide sandy beaches. Soma Bay is ideal for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and are looking for a place for seclusion.

 Soma Bay resort itself consists of two parts. Its center with the five most luxurious hotels is located on the Soma Peninsula, but the resort also includes the surrounding area with more modest hotels. This entire territory is  Soma Bay resort.


Soma Bay 

The climate of Soma Bay is simply created for a relaxing holiday on the coast. The peculiarity is that rest is possible almost all year round, which is an important factor. In summer and winter, air and water temperatures are quite high. Even in the winter months, the water temperature rarely drops below 20C. The air temperature in winter is around 21C, and in the summer the thermometer rises to 33C. The velvet season begins in September and October. At this time, the sun does not bake so much, and the sea is still at a comfortable temperature. In summer and winter, precipitation in Soma Bay is very rare.




Soma Bay resort was built up by one company according to a single plan. The company was founded in 2001 specifically for the implementation of this project. In this regard, Soma Bay is very similar to another Egyptian resort of El Gouna in the north of Hurghada. 

 Holidays on the Soma Peninsula is very polite behavior of the staff. And  the Res Sea. The word “Bay” in the name of the resort is not accidental. There is a bay and where there are no waves, a pleasant wind blows from the mountains and a very clear sea.

There are few visitors to Soma Bay than at popular resorts, and coral reefs are still full of fishes and other marine animals. Guests of the town can surf the sea with diver's equipment, on a sailboat or on a surfboard. Soma Bay's most famous coral reef is Ras Abu Soma. You can look at corals not only under water, but also from the wall, the road to which leads through a 25 meters deep cave. If you go down even lower, you can admire the soft corals. Bright fish, stingrays, turtles, and moray eels swim in the depths of the water.


There is a pontoon 450 meters long, which makes it possible to dive to many coral reefs without hiring a boat or boat. This can be considered an “exclusive”.


4 things you must do in Soma Bay



Get a golf course at one of the best Egyptian golf clubs called Cascade, 

which is located under the caring wing of Les Residence Des Cascades. 


A free club bus takes you to the field from anywhere in the resort.




Lie on silk pillows in hookah clubs in 1001 Nights Palace, located in the southern part of the city and built in the style of Disneyland, 

where during a big theatrical performance you will learn the history of Egypt 

since the time of the pharaohs.



   Dive into an amazing underwater cave near the Abu Soma reef dotted with corals, 

to fearlessly meet with barracuda, stingrays, turtles,

squid and other inhabitants of the deep sea.

It is better to do this under the supervision of specialists.







Pamper yourself in the SPA center. Soma Bay has the largest thalassotherapy center in Egypt.

It is located at The Cascades Golf Resort, Spa & Thalasso.


Professional hands and unique mud, seaweed and salt, unique in their healing properties, will help to cure soul and body.






 The developer company Soma Bay Development Company built this resort not only for tourism, but also for the construction and sale of real estate. Villas and townhouses in Soma Bay are being actively selling.


Residential complexes and villas in the resort of Soma Bay:











 Soma Bay infrastructure:

- Free private beach

- Free access to hotel beaches and pools (Kempinski, Westin, Sheraton, & Breakers).

- 25% discount on meals in hotels (Kempinski, Westin, Sheraton, & Breakers).

- 25% discount on Thalasso-therapy programs in the SPA center.

- 20% discount on diving center services.

- 20% discount on Golf.

- Special offer for Marina Supermarket (supermarket).

- Special offer for the delivery of products.

- Special offer taxi service.

- Special offer for cleaning apartments.

- A free gym, children's clubs in most of the Soma Bay Hotels.


All hotels on the peninsula are owned by the world's most famous hotel corporations, the prices for accommodation are high, but the service and food are excellent. Most hotels have a sandy beach and a sandy entrance to the sea, but in some places you can’t do without special shoes.


  Soma Bay hotels:

  Sentido Palm Royale Soma Bay 5*

Sheraton Soma Bay Resort 5*

Imperial Shams Abu Soma Resort 5*

Caribbean World Resort Soma Bay 5*

Movenpick Resort Soma Bay 5*
Amwaj Blue Beach Resort & Spa 5*

The Cascades Golf Resort, Spa & Thalasso 5*

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay 5*

Palma Di Soma 5*

Steigenberger Ras Soma 5*




For the convenience of guests, a free shuttle bus runs throughout the peninsula to take you to your destination. The Soma Peninsula is small in size - 5 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide. The bus passes it all in 5 minutes. Shuttle Bass starts at 9 a.m. and ends at midnight.


Since Soma Bay is a small resort town, accordingly, there are a large number of restaurants where you can sit in a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying your favorite dishes not only from Egyptian cuisine. In addition, there is a large number of shops where you can buy everything you like. Having visited a pastry shop, you can buy goodies for different tastes. Since this store is privately owned, the goods here are constantly fresh, cooked in small quantities as needed.





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