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Sahl Hasheesh

The ultra-modern resort Sahl Hasheesh, whose name is translated from Arabic as "Green Valley", exceeded all expectations. Today, the most daring project in the entire modern history of construction in Egypt, was developed by a group of architects led by British Lord Norman Foster. The main idea is to preserve a unique natural landscape, skillfully decorated with intelligent human intervention.






With less than 15 per cent of the whole area (41 million sq. m) allocated for building development, Sahl Hasheesh will be featured by incredible exotic gardens and man-made canals with golf courses on the towpaths, welcoming everyone to rest in cozy lagoons. 


This truly unique resort is located just in eighteen kilometers southwards from Hurgada airport and in some 450 kilometers from Cairo. It will be readily accessible within 25 minutes of drive from Hurgada airport or within 1 hour of flight from Cairo. Since many of airlines worldwide offer direct flights to Hurgada, it will be just a short flight to this well-liked international tourist destination at the Red Sea Coast. The resort is nestled in spectacular surrounds of the Sahl Hasheesh Bay, providing one of the longest stretches of swimmable beach on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast. Bicycle riders and joggers will be offered a 12-kilometer track stretching along the whole resort cost line. They will see a magnificent blue water front on the one side and a range of posh hotels and residential developments on the other. 

Residential complexes of the Sahl Hasheesh resort:

Paradise Garden

Sun Set Pearl


270 Two Seventy

Bay condos


Bay village


Thousands of years ago this place hosted a large trading sea port, a prosperous city of Isis named after an ancient goddess of the earth and heaven. Once gone underwater in mysterious circumstances many centuries ago, it could be forgotten as well as many other cities, or it could become a legend like Atlantis. However, it was destined to a greater purpose. An idea of bringing this mysterious city back to life inspired modern architects to create a huge architectural project as an artificial oasis cradled by the untouched desert. Nowadays, anyone entering this posh resort will be welcomed by Pharaonic Entry Gate created in Karnak style, bringing the guest into mysterious atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. Such arrival will be particularly fabulous at night as you will pass by the alley of skillfully made and illuminated copies of ancient statues. The alley, framed by two rows of green plantings and thousands of palm trees, leads to a large outdoor observation deck – Piazza. It is also called “belvedere” and this Italian word delivers the precise meaning of the fine perspective opening before one’s eyes. The crystal clear beauty of the sea large lengths heats imagination and gives a peace of mind to everyone who comes to that beautifully designed venue. Spanning over 18 thousand square meters, it can host a number of various social gatherings and functions.

Development and Master Plan

It was early 2007 when the first hotels were opened and the first apartments where delivered and this 4,100 hectare year-round development — which constitutes approximately two-thirds the size of the island of Manhattan — is expected to eventually exceed the population of Hurghada. The Master Developer of the project is Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC). It purchased the land in 1995 and possesses the exclusive development rights, solely providing all infrastructure networks, including water, sewerage, electricity, telecommunications, roads, and community facilities. Community management services are also operated by ERC. In partnership with several well-known sub-developers, Egyptian Resorts Company implements its project on creation of this fully-integrated, purpose-built resort community on the shores of the Egyptian Red Sea aimed to achieve long-term objectives on economic and environmental sustainability.

The Master Plan envisages three Phases of development. Phase 1 and Phase 2 with 12 million square meters of land are currently under development. They have already become a home for 2278 hotel rooms and suites and 723 residential units managed by such brands as Tropitel, Mariott, Pyramiza etc. 28.59 million m2 of hotel rooms and residential units are subject to future development within Phase 3. According to provisional estimates, they will be completed over the upcoming 4 years. 


Old Town

Despite its thought-provoking name, Old Town Sahl Hasheesh is a newly designed fantastic destination beautifully located along the northeastern headland of Sahl Hasheesh. This entertainment and commercial center features a whole range of shopping centers, SPAs, Health Centers, and alfresco dining opportunities. Stretch your legs by taking a walk along the Promenade, or go on a long bicycle ride along the shoreline at the Old Town cycle boulevards. Gain the opportunity to spoil yourself by visiting locally branded shopping outlets, or get the early-bird offer to open your own shop in this emerging commercial center. Escape the stress of daily routine, relax, and pamper yourself with a variety of body treatment procedures, or reserve your rental space at one of the Sahl Hasheesh health&beauty centers. And yes, you will find anything you want in restaurants and cafes catering all tastes with the Chinese, Italian, Seafood, or Oriental Cuisine. 

Holiday makers will be amazed by the opportunity to stay at the Old Town Sahl Hasheesh Apartment Hotel. The property is a 20.5km from New Marina and 21.5km from Giftun Island. The air-conditioned apartments are equipped with a flat-screen TV, a telephone and a wardrobe; they also have a large living area with sofa-bed, kitchen and a dining area. A ready-built kitchen is complete with a microwave and a refrigerator. The private bathroom is fitted with a shower, hairdryer, and free toiletries. The Apartment Hotel offers free parking, a bar, tour desk, private beach, and an Italian restaurant Il Gusto that serves a-la-carte specialties. 


Jamaran is a Bedouin word used to call a picturesque Red Sea island of Kamaran that means “two moons”. This sea-front villa development was opened in 2015, offering great investment opportunities in the northeastern corner of Sahl Hasheesh, and a market reaction to it was outstanding: the pre-purchase plan hit the target in record time. Being located in close proximity to Old Town, Jamaran is connected to that commercial and entertainment area by a boardwalk. This Red Sea Coast villa project will eventually include 181 villas featuring rooftop terraces with breathtaking views of the sea and private backyard pools. Homeowners will be delighted to have an option of four villa designs, each of which possesses its own unique architecture style while embodying the elegance, simplicity and charm associated with the Jamaran name. Each home design includes several bedrooms, state-of-the-art washrooms, spacious kitchens and living rooms. On top of that, each villa has a large private garden of 800 square meters on average and the option of adding a swimming pool and barbeque area. According to the Master Developer’s design standards, all villas are built to two stories, with total floor areas of around 300 square meters. The villas development will be surrounded by a network of parks. A private club house, gym, and mini-golf area will be available for the residents looking for having fun without making the trip outside the community block.





Sawari Marina

Pursuant to the master plan approved by ERC as the main developer in partnership with a subsidiary of Orascom Development Holding, a 2.5-million-square meter new luxury spot at the very heart of Sahl Hasheesh will include a Sawari Marina, extensive pedestrian promenade, and residential areas. The Marina itself will host up to 330 yachts ranging from 10 to 50-plus meters in length, promising to become the Red Sea’s premier marina in a short while. Visitors to the pedestrian promenade will be offered over two kilometers of boutique shopping, restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment venues, in addition to an exclusive yacht club and three luxury hotels. To conform to the design rules governing the resort development, height of all commercial buildings, as well as of two-bedroom condominiums and three-bedroom penthouses, in the Marina will not exceed three stories. This was planned in order to honor the natural beauty of their surroundings at Sahl Hasheesh. Apartments, penthouses, and spacious villas with pools at Sawari residence area are already available for sale. Pre-launch sales held in December 2010, which were extended into the early 2011 to satisfy the demand, enabled the Company to book over 20 million USD in reservations. Early Red Sea Coast property investors and Marina patrons will be in favor to watch thriving of the resort community around them, guaranteeing an excellent return on their long-term lifestyle and financial investment. 


Activities and Amenities

With a complete infrastructure in place, Sahl Hasheesh has everything thought out to the last detail: from high quality and very clean flat motor roads to hanging bridges over artificial canals, from street lamps dissipating soft light to incredibly beautiful gardens.

Golf enthusiasts may look forward to opening of two premier golf courses which are currently under construction. They will provide for bountiful greens and fairways overlooking the Red Sea. Beginners will have the option of learning under skilled professional guidance.

The resort boasts its horse farm where animals are kept and nourished at the top class level. Among ordinary breads of horses, visitors may see pure Arabic ones which are massively expensive. You may come here at any time and take one of them for a ride or purchase it to become a proud owner of that graceful creature. Isn’t it a fairytale?

The most adventurous travelers may take a day trip to explore the Red Sea hinterland or the pristine desert on a jeep offered through various hotels and resorts operating within Sahl Shasheesh.

This is a resort of international significance. Such international events as beauty contests, horse races, art exhibitions, yoga master classes, cycling and swimming tournaments take place here. The resort administration holds VIP beach parties for specially listed guests and residents, treating them with free drinks and snacks. All the party-goers in Sahl Hasheesh will be excited by the opportunity to kick-up their heels as they will find a number of chic clubs and other night life pleasures. 


The Beach and Weather

Whether you want to swim or participate in water sports, to enjoy a picturesque sunset or just to stroll along the beach, Sahl Hasheesh Bay provides for the perfect environment. Unlike other amazing destinations operating only for about 3-4 months of the year, weather in Egypt is warm and sunny all year round. With 1,000 kilometers of coast on the Red Sea, it attracts divers and sun lovers from all over the world at any time. The 12-kilometer-long bay of Sahl Hasheesh is one of the longest swimmable beaches on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast. In nearly 1.5 kilometers from the resort there is Abu Hasheesh Island – a local protectorate, highly renowned for its plentiful coral and marine life. Egyptian Resorts Company strictly abides by regulations on the environmental protection in accordance with its design guidelines.


Future Developments

Within ever changing market and technology advances, the community continues to evolve, maintaining a future-driven focus. As the Sahl Hasheesh Master Plan has a strategic vision to guide the future development, it explores and foresees emerging opportunities that may arise over the next 50 years. Therefore, future development strategy is highly responsive to the physical attributes and climatic conditions of the area. The vision is also intended to stimulate economic investment and to support local employment opportunities, including education, hospitality, medical care, and specialist technical industries.

As the city administration informs, the following prospects are expected to be implemented within the nearest 5 years:

- International school

- Education village

- Hospital

- Grand Marina 

- Aquarium

- Night club

- Branded restaurant coming from Sharm El Sheikh

- Renewable energy farm

- etc.


Residential Opportunities

Sahl Hasheesh is already a home to more than 1,000 residents and they enjoy the benefits represented abundantly by this fully integrated city. It is the combination of pure natural landscape and high standard of development that provides a compelling package for home owners and businesses. Residential communities will be reinforced by a range of services and amenities, designed to foster an environment where one can live, work and play. So, don’t miss out the opportunity to become part of this exclusive society.


Investment Opportunities

ERC’s goal is to create an attractive and flexible investment environment, delivering sustainable outcomes for both the investor and the wider Sahl Hasheesh community. As the Master Developer, it bears total responsibility for the design control and infrastructure performance. Investors know exactly what they are getting and what is being built because there are strict design guidelines controlled by a strict compliance team.  On top of all of that, buying a property in Sahl Hasheesh means you’re not dealing with a government, but with ERC, a corporation that exists only to make this community a success. This is very important for many investors who do not have extensive experience operating in Egypt. 

According to ERC’s standard, payment scheme is as follows:

1. 30% down payment of the total value

2. Rest up to 5 years

The Egyptian Government grants 10 year tax exemptions to the investors.


For further enquiries on the Sahl Hasheesh land and property purchase, please, contact immediately:

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