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Package furnishing of 1 beedroom apartment


Provides for the installation of the necessary furniture and equipment for a comfortable settlement.

This type of furnishing is suitable for those who want to come straight to their home from the airport and do their own arrangement in the future.

 "Standard +"

Provides fro the installation of the necesarry furniture and equipment for a comfortable settlement, as well as a complete set of household items "from a spoon to a clothespin". An ideal choice for those who want to prepare theier apartment for rent or do not plan to deal with hosehold issues.

Delivery time: 1 month

Payment: 100 % prepayment

Necessity of the client's presence: not required


Filling  Standard Standard +

Kitchen (up to 2 meters):

Granite countertop

Wall hanging cabinet and shelves above

Wardrobe with drawers at the bottom

Tao and sink

Bed 1 pcs: 160 cm x 200 cm⠀


Bedside table without door
Foldign sofa


Side table
Wardrobe 1 pcs: 1,6 m height⠀

Palstic dining table and 2 chairs on the balcony

 TV: 32 inch (receiver and mount)

Boiler: 50 liters

AC 1 pcs (cooling only): 1,5 horse power

Washing machine: 5 kg loading

Refrigirator (one door)

Electric stove for 2 burners


Mirror in the bathroom

Shower curtain⠀

Curtains in the living room and bed room: blackouts

Lamps: chandeliers, wall lamps



2 pots, 1 frying pan

Plates: 6 dessert, 3 dinner, 6 soup-plates⠀  
Cups 6 pcs, glasses 6 pcs  


Tea spoons- 6 pcs

Dinner spoons- 6 pcs

Forks- 6 pcs

Sharp knife- 2 pcs

Hangers in the wardrobe -  12 pcs⠀  
Bed linen: 4 sets⠀  
Warm blankets- 2 pcs  
Pillows- 4 pcs  
Bath towels- 4 pcs  
Hand towels- 4 pcs  

For cleaning: brush, mop, bucket, scoop

Household chemicals set ad toilet paper  
Delivery, assembly, connection of equipent

General cleaning of the apartment
Price: 5300 $ 6000 $


* Changes and additions to any of the packages is possible at customer's option. Selection of colors for furniture and appliances is agreed with the client.

 Examples of furnishing from Akar Real Estate.

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