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 For whom suitable service "The remote purchase"?
For customers who have already had the opportunity to study the real estate market in Hurghada and Sahl Hasheesh. These gentlemen were often guests of Egypt, and have already seen many of the objects in place and received a full video report on the construction or ready-made, given the bought version of our specialists.

Step 1.

Employees of real estate agency in Hurghada Akar Group for Real Estate helpfully advised and provided accurate information on each interesting for gentlemen real estate in Egypt. And now you have decided to do so, that would be selected so hard apartments are not bought by another, more agile investor.
You pay RESERVE >>>

The necessary data for the buyer to reserve an apartment in Egypt:
passport number
First and last name on the passport (Latin)
Home address
To contact:

Step 2.
For business mail DHL deliver original contract of sale and receipt of the receipt of the reserve ($ 1000) from owner of the apartment or developer in Hurghada. Letter to the documents can be delivered to the office as a buyer, and the home address. Privacy transaction- our priority. Correspondence is from 3 to 10 days.
The mailer will be three copies:
- One for the buyer, you make it to transfer the first payment for an apartment (for your bank needs a contract with the details).
- On the other two copies, the buyer puts his signature on the English part of the contract on each page. After that sends two signed copies of our agency.
Some developers have to pay by buyer, 40% of the amount, do not sign a contract (for example, Florence). The first installment of 30-40% (depending on the project), in such cases, the scheme of the different contracts.

1. After payment of reserve you will be sent to the address of the buyer sales contract with the seal (original), with a check on receipt of your reserve, but without the signature of the builder.

2. After payment of 30-40%. The buyer sends us 2 signed copies, we sign them from the developer, and then send back to check on receipt of your first payment of 30-40%.

Step 3.

Once payment for an apartment in Hurghada (Sahl Hasheesh) will be fully paid, if you wish, you can register a contract of sale in court. This requires the personal presence of the buyer in Hurghada to make a warrant to a lawyer.

Official details of some developers in Hurghada:

Florenza Khamsin Beach Resort.
Florence Khamsin (Khamsin Florence Beach Resort):
Address of the construction company: Hurghada, Arabia road, Khamsin Florence Beach Resort
Name of Account: Egyptian international tourism
Company (EITC)
Name of Bank: HSBC
Address of Bank Hurghada Branch

Bank Account No: 010-071165-111
Swift Code: EBBKEGCX

The purpose of the translation: Florenza Khamsin Beach Resort and apartment number
Nour Plaza.
Account no: 509007981004 $
BANK: Bank of Alexandria branch
of Hurghada (El-Nasr Road)
swift code: Alex EG CX 509007981001
Account Holder: Pyramids for Real Estate investment
Co. address: Sheraton street - Wahib building -
Second floor - flat no 8.
The purpose of the translation: Nour Plaza and apartment number

Guarantees to the remote purchase:
1. A contract with a real estate agency in Hugada - Akar.
2. The contract with the builder in Hurghada.
3. Checks - confirmation of payment from the builder.
4. Checks - confirmation from your bank.
5. Impeccable reputation licensed agency in Hurgade- Akar Real Estate.
6. The ability to personally interact with customers AGENCY (with their consent), who just acquired an apartment in Hurghada remotely.

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