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 Hadaba, city center

Studio - 3 bedroom

Completed, 50% down payment, 1 year installments

Foreign community

Studios (from $ 16 650)

1 bedroom (from $ 19 987)

2 bedrooms (from $ 38 629)


A complex with a swimming pool in a favorite area of foreigners - Hadaba.


Houses and compounds under the brand name Siberian Towers do not need advertising. For many years, Europeans prefer to buy flats from this developer for its loyal pricing policy, flexibility in terms of installment plans and, of course, the quality of apartments and house maintenance.

Siberian Tower 1

(sold out)

Siberian Tower 2

(sold out)

Siberian Tower 3
Siberian Tower 4


The new complex "Siberian Tower 5" is a comfortable compound with a swimming pool, private courtyard and a stunning rooftop terrace, offering panoramic views of the sea.


In the courtyard of the complex, in addition to the swimming pool, there is a lounge area for a complete relaxation after sunbathing and swimming in refreshing water. In the recreation area: places for relaxation, bar, shower and toilet.


The complex will be equipped with video surveillance cameras, telephone line and Internet.

Constraction news

Siberian Tower 5 constraction news (December 2021)

Siberian Tower 5 constraction news (March 2021)

Siberian Tower 5 constarction news (05.12.2020)

Siberian Tower 5 constraction news (02.02.2020)

 Siberian Tower 5 constraction news (11.06.2019)


Types of apartments in the Siberian Tower 5:

Pool-level Chalet - Studios and 1 Bedroom (To get a 2-bedroom flat you can combine two two adjacent apartments)


Apartment example

1 bed room

2 bed rooms


 Examples of layouts


1 bedroom 
2 bedrooms



Apartments are sold with a full finishing, including a granite kitchen worktop with built-in sink.

You get a fully finished apartment, you will only need to furnish it according to your taste.


The height of the building is 6 floors. Of course there will be an elevator. In total, the house provides 80 apartments.



Apartment price:

Studios (from $ 16 650)

1 bedroom (from $ 19 000)

2 bedrooms (from $ 38 000)


Installments without interest:

$1000 reservation (included in the down payment)

50% within one month after reservation

50% in installments for 1 years


Delivery of the complex: Middle 2022.



Where is the Siberian Tower 5 located? 

The complex is located on the green street of the Hadaba area, surrounded by villas and low-rise houses. Supermarkets, household goods, clothing stores, cafes and restaurants within walking distance. It is important to emphasize the extremely good location of the house. Three sides open onto an open space, guaranteed from the building, as it is already fully formed. Almost all the windows of the apartments have a nice view of the neighboring villas, desert or green street.



• 20 minutes by car from Hurghada airport.


• 10 minutes walk to the beach.


• 10 minutes walk to the seafront.


• 10 minutes walk to Sheraton.



Unique location - near the center of the city and the sea, but not in the bustling thick of things.


The central area of the city is Hadaba, but at the same time the quietest part of it! Ideal for those who are looking for housing in the area where foreigners live and at the same time wants to enjoy the pristine silence.


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