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Green contract. What is it?

  • Do I need to make a green contract?
  • What is needed for this
  • How much does it cost

Information about additional expenses

  • Registrations
  • Electric meters
  • Annual service fee

Registration of property documents.

  • What is the registration of a contract of sale for an apartment
  • Who should do it
  • When can I register a contract?

All you have to know before selling your apartment in Hurghada

  • Important Features
  • Selling process
  • Selling recommendations

The most important document of ownership rights 

  • What is taukil?
  • How long does taukil take?
  • Who makes taukil?

Useful information for homeowners in Egypt.

  • Water payment
  • Electricity payment
  • Annual service fee

Proof of payment for an apartment in Hurghada.

  • What does a check look like?
  • Why is it needed
  • How to get?

Apartment sale contract information.

  • Important Features
  • Mandatory conditions
  • The text of the agreement

How does the agency contract look like?

  • Why do you need an agency agreement
  • What are the terms of the contract
  • Why is it important

Registering an electric meter in your name

  • Why do I need to register an electric meter
  • What you need to register an electric meter
  • The cost of registering an electric meter in Hurghada

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