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Tawkil, Sale Contract and its Court Registration are free of charge.

We work in full compliance with the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Lawyers of the company will help you to get a full package of additional property registrations (such as Registration of electric meters on your name and Green Constarct) at the best price in the city.

Pay for registration only after you buy an apartment.

We do not take any prepayments for registration of a package of documents until you receive the main securities on the property: tawkil and sale contract. How you can pay in advance for the additional registrations of property which does not belong to you yet, especially if you buy an apartment by installment plan. 

Execution of a transaction.

Our highly qualified lawyer pick you up by a personal car and accompanies you at all levels. After all the  procedures, he takes you back.

Registration term.

All registrations take not more than 3 months. After the documents are ready, we will personally give them to you or send them at our expense via DHL business mail.

Akar Real Estate works always for you.

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