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You are not interested in anything currently offered on the site, but you want to find a property in Hurghada?

Notify professionals of Akar Real Estate!

And within 1 to 5 days, you will be offered options such apartments in Hurghada that match your needs and wishes.

Akar Real Estate in Hurghada offers to customers the opportunity to get competent and reliable consultation: registration of the property, an overview of the areas, as well as the selection of different variants of apartments in Hurghada in real time.
Phone: +2 0128 755 0818
skype: asavostyan
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The necessary data for the buyer to reserve an apartment in Egypt:
Passport number
First and last name on the passport (Latin)
Home address
To contact:

If you are interested in our proposed apartment next steps:
For each of the options property in Hurghada, offered by us, you will receive detailed advice: infrastructure of the area in which the house is located, planning, evaluation of profitability, the cost of water and electricity, special nuances and so on. After the final selection for 1 day we shoot and send you a video of selected apartments in Hurghada.
In shooting movies include:
Shooting with a complete overview of the infrastructure around the complex or at home
Entrance to the house (complex)
Entrance (if there is no lift, climbing stairs)
Entrance to the apartment (Shooting starts from the stairwell)
Apartment (alternate visits to all rooms without interrupting shooting mode)
The view from all available windows.

Also, at your request, and with pre-agreed plan, we change the plan of shooting and with particular attention to detail that for you are of particular interest.

How to make payment?

The amount of the reserve - $ 500-1000, depending on the requirements of the developer or owner of the apartment.
Possible to transfer one the following ways, which will be most convenient for you:
1. Instant translation of Western Union.
2. Transfer to a bank account Akar Real Estate (money coming in 3-5 working days).

How to make sure that the apartment is really reserved?

Prepare the provisional sale and purchase agreement, which is signed by the developer or the owner of the day of receiving amount of the reserve.
On the same day, the company sends you to the original contract for the DHL (delivery particularly important mail). From the moment of sending the contract will be in the hands of the buyer within 5 days.

If you do not like your apartment?
Reserve amount will be deducted from the value of other apartments that you buy from us.

What other guarantees?

Main guarantor Akar Real Estate - is impeccable reputation!  

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