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There is no domestic roaming in the country.

Therefore, one SIM card can be used anywhere in Egypt. If the SIM card is not used for 3 months, then the number will be canceled even with a positive balance without the possibility of recovery.

Is it difficult for a foreigner to open a business in Egypt?

Have you bought an apartment in Hurghada? Are you thinking of opening a profitable business here? Surely, ideas have appeared, to bring a piece from their homeland to our sunny town or to improve the quality of services,

Useful instructions about marriage in Egypt

An official marriage with an Egyptian citizen for foreigners has a number of nuances, depending on what religion the groom is, what country the bride is from, and many more moments that are difficult to analyze.

Egypt is a second home for many foreigners.

Some of them bought an apartment and accepted Egypt as a home; it's time to straighten the money. How to open a bank account in Egypt to save or put money for a good percentage? We will tell, and you listen.

Egyptian customs regulations

Importing or exporting prohibited goods in Egypt can lead not only to their confiscation and wasted time, but also to a fine of up to $ 1,000 or even criminal liability. Be especially careful with medicines.

Excursion around the renovated Hurghada. 

All novelties of city improvement with photos. The Egyptian authorities have allocated more than 50 billion pounds to finance the construction and improvement of the tourism sector. Many new hotels were opened in just a year. 

Did you know that there is no gas line in Hurghada?

Let us find out together in this article! Having your own swimming pool and / or your own beach. When buying or renting an apartment in residential complexes in compounds, you can have a view of the sea and/or the pool from the window.

Due to the fact that many countries now require pcr tests

upon arrival, a frequent question coming from our clients is "How to take a coronavirus test in Hurghada?" We tell you: where, how much, and how long. Such a test in Hurghada is done in only two places.

What do you need after buying an apartment in Hurghada?

Of course, a car! Now we will tell you how to get an Egyptian license and (or) register a car for yourself. It is not difficult, but it will require: effort, time, money and patience. How can a foreigner get a driving license in Egypt?

Before making a list of things

that you plan to take with you to Egypt, read this article, which will certainly help you avoid problems at customs in Hurghada. What is taxable? 1. Goods for sale. Believe it or not, if you are bringing ten pairs of socks with tags,

Where, how much and other information

Topical issues for families with young children are: where are kindergartens in Hurghada, how are classes held there and what are the conditions for admission and payment. We will answer these and many other questions now. 

Public transport in Hurghada and other types of transportation.

Hurghada is now no longer a small village, but a large tourist city. That is why it is important to know how to get from point A to point B. Today we’ll talk about how to get around Hurghada.

What do we know about insurance in Egypt?

Health insurance for the entire duration of the trip to Egypt was considered not mandatory for tourists. However, it would be at least unwise to remain without possible qualified medical care in an Arab country.

My family acquired its residence in Sahl Hasheesh

over a year ago. From then on, our life changed significantly. We gained something that we didn’t have before, in particular, the highest quality of life. Don’t think that I am ignorant in deserved places of international importance if I live in Hurgada.

 Features of the school in Hurghada

Many of those who have moved or are just about to move to Hurghada, asked the question: "Where can I send my child to study?" This question is especially interesting for mothers who have chosen Hurghada as their second home

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