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What do you need after buying an apartment in Hurghada?

Of course, a car! Now we will tell you how to get an Egyptian license and (or) register a car for yourself. It is not difficult, but it will require: effort, time, money and patience. How can a foreigner get a driving license in Egypt?

Step one. Education.


The first thing to start with is to translate a diploma of education into Arabic. Yes Yes! To drive a car in Egypt, you need to confirm your education.

Translation can be done in Hurghada. There are many accredited centers here, they charge from 200 EGP per page. Then this translation will need to be certified by the consulate of your country.

By the way, the consulate most often accepts translations that are made only by their authorized translators. Please clarify this issue in advance, otherwise the translation may not be approved.

You need to put the ministry foreign affairs stamp on the translated document.

It is better to entrust this to a lawyer. Quite expensive to go for this to Cairo personally.


Step two. Police.

The traffic police office, the local "Murur", is located in Hurghada and everyone knows it.

You will find yourself in a building with many windows and queues. You need to get to the one where

written “Foreigners”. Tell the employee that you want to receive a local driver's license.

Important! You must have a long-term visa. For at least three months. For the duration of your visa you will get driving license.

The traffic police officer will help you to issue the so-called "gawab", that is, a permit

from the State Security Service to have Egyptian driving licence.

It will take about 21 days to receive this "gawab". Long time? Look positively at everything and comfort yourself that now they will not require you to go to the State Security office to pass interview as it was before.

After two or three weeks, when permission comes, you should start collecting medical certificates about the state of health for passing the exam. Such certificates are given only in state hospitals. Two passport photos are required, fifteen minutes and 50-100 pounds.


Then, go back to the traffic police "Murur" to give them a package of your documents, as well as one passport photo.

After verification, employees fill out the necessary forms and appoint a time when you must show up for the exam

The driving test takes place in a state car

You need to drive a snake forward through obstacles and return to the starting position along the same snake reverse position. If you don't hit a single chip, you passed the exam for the next day get the licenses. Well, if you didn't manage to drive clean right away, that's okay. Hand over to next time the examiner assigns.

If the exam is successful, you will need to pay a few small fees.

You can get the license at the same day or the next.

You will be photographed for a plastic card and your license will be printed within 10 minutes.



Estimated costs of obtaining Egyptian rights.

1. Translation of the diploma into Arabic at the language center in Hurghada - from 150 pounds

2. Certification of the translation of the diploma at the consulate - from 200 pounds

3. Assurance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about 200 pounds.

3. Medical certificates - from 100 pounds

4. Passing the exam - from 100 pounds

5. Fees and plastic ID - 60 pounds.

It is best if you use the services of a lawyer who will accompany you at all

stages. Take care of your nerves.

Is it possible to buy a license in Egypt?

If you have a lot of money, better buy an apartment in Hurghada from us.

We strongly advise against breaking the law in Egypt!

If you have an international license issued in your country, the first step is to obtain

Egyptian license can be skipped.


Can a foreigner buy a car in his own name in Hurghada?


You will pick up a car from a car dealership without a license plate and license.

We recommend that you follow the simplified path and buy a used car.

It is possible to have a new car, but it is better to write down the owner of a trusted citizen of Egypt, who will help in the future with obtaining and renewing a license.

In the future, the car goes to you on "taukil" (a power of attorney is drawn up in a notary

the office of "shara akari"). If you buy a used car, you can keep the license

on the previous owner. Agree that upon its expiration, he will extend it for you for an additional

fee. The option, to be honest, is so-so ... it is better that the license was either for you or for good

familiar Egyptian citizen. It's calmer this way.


Please note that when reissuing a license from one owner to another, you need to pay not only

government fees, but also previous fines (based on the results of surveillance cameras) and the amount can be impressive.

The license is usually made for 3 years.

The cost of renewing the license depends on the car brand. Focus on price

three-year license in the range of 3000-5000 pounds.

How to get a license for yourself in Egypt.

This information will be useful only to those foreign citizens who have a long-term visa (from

years or more), and it is given only to Egyptian wives or valuable employees. Are there many among reading this? So let's not waste time.


Where can you buy a car?

There are many car dealerships in Hurghada. But you need to be prepared for the fact that prices are in Egypt are higher than in your country. This is due to the tax policy of Egypt.

If you do not want to spend money to purchase a car for your own property, you can rent it for the required period. Fortunately, there are also many car rental companies in Hurghada.

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