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There is no domestic roaming in the country.

Therefore, one SIM card can be used anywhere in Egypt. If the SIM card is not used for 3 months, then the number will be canceled even with a positive balance without the possibility of recovery.

In order to contact the hotline of any mobile operator, you need to speak English or Arabic.

It is also necessary to understand the information on the websites of companies and communicate with employees of the mobile operator's office.

In Hurghada, as in all of Egypt, there are 4 mobile operators:

Vodafone Egypt;

Etisalat Egypt;

Orange Egypt;


The coverage area of ​​all operators is approximately the same: in large cities and the resort area, there is communication almost everywhere. As well as 4G coverage.

Unlimited mobile Internet is not offered by any operator in Egypt.

In general, mobile Internet billing is so tricky that you can rarely count on a full-fledged paid amount of traffic. For example, there is a system in which part of the traffic can be spent only on social networks. Or one in which the traffic is considered in the usual volume when working with certain resources, and the rest will be considered a double volume. When choosing a tariff plan, you should ask how much full-fledged traffic it includes.

Egypt has a mobile phone tax (6.1 pounds per year), which is paid by all its users. The tax can be deducted when buying a SIM card, or deducted monthly. Be ready that every time you replenish your balance, you will receive only 70% of the deposited amount. The remaining 30% is also a communication tax.

And one more unpleasant surprise from the Egyptians - you will not be able to use WhatsApp voice (calls) or video calls, including using Wi-Fi.

What is the best mobile operator in Egypt?

For most parameters, all operators are approximately the same, and the quality of communication in a certain place is a matter of chance, this can only be found out empirically.

So you can choose an operator based on the cost of services and personal preferences.

Where and how to buy a SIM card in Hurghada?

To buy a SIM card, you will need a passport and the address of your stay in Hurghada (in the case of a hotel, it is better to clarify it in advance, although sometimes just the name of the hotel is enough).

You can buy a SIM card right at the airport at the counter of a mobile operator. This option is better to choose if you are going to a hotel located outside the city. You can also buy a SIM card in souvenir shops, but it is more expensive. In addition, they are issued to third parties and may stop working at any time. If you are staying within the city, then a SIM card can be bought at the office of a mobile operator.

It takes about 10 minutes to issue and activate a SIM card. It is better to replenish the balance immediately and ask the seller to activate the mobile Internet package, as well as check its connections.

If you find it difficult to understand the intricacies of the tariff plans, ask an employee of the mobile operator to find the right plan for you.



Offices in Hurghada:

in the airoport;

on the El Mamsha tourist promenade, Makrameya Mall;

in Dahar, Nasr Street, Stadium Wall Street Shops;

next to the Seagull Hotel on Sheraton Street, Arena Mall;

at Senzo Mall;

at the City Center Mall where Carrefour is located.

Offices, as a rule, work from 9.00 to 21.30, on Friday from 13.30 to 21.30.

Customer Service:

247 (from any Vodafone number, free of charge)

16247 (from any city number, according to the tariffs of the telecom operator).

Vodafone offers various tariff plans, most of which include prepaid minutes and mobile data.

You can find out more about the existing tariff plans by clicking on the link:


Etisalat Egypt

Offices in Hurghada:

in Dahar Square;

in the airoport;

on Sheraton Street, next to the CIB bank;

on Sheraton Street, opposite the National Bank of Egypt.

Offices are usually open from 10.00 to 23.30, on Friday from 13.30 to 23.30

Customer Service:

333 (from any Etisalat number, free of charge)

02 35346333 (from any city number, according to the operator's tariffs)

01111234333 (from the number of any mobile operator, according to its tariffs)

+201111234333 (from an international number, according to the operator's tariffs)

Etisalat offers several prepaid tariff plans, most of which are assembled by the constructor type. This operator has one of the most favorable tariffs for mobile Internet.

You can find out more about the tariff plans and conditions offered by the mobile operator by clicking on the link:



Offices in Hurghada:

Dahar, near QNB bank;

Sheraton street, near CIB bank;

Mederes street, 5.

Offices, as a rule, work from 10.00 to 23.00, on Friday from 13.30 to 23.00.

Customer Service:

110 (from personal Orange number);

16110 (from any number).

Orange offers 4 main tariff lines with different options. Within each line there are several separate tariff plans. You can find out more about them by clicking on the link:

Orange also offers several tariff plans exclusively for mobile Internet. You can get acquainted with the tariffs by clicking on the link:



This is the youngest of all operators, the Telecom Egypt brand. The office is located on Sheraton Street.

Customer Service:

155 (from any number).

To find out the details of the rates offered by WE, please follow the link:

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