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Did you know that there is no gas line in Hurghada?

Let us find out together in this article! Having your own swimming pool and / or your own beach. When buying or renting an apartment in residential complexes in compounds, you can have a view of the sea and/or the pool from the window.

Of course, such housing is much more expensive than an ordinary apartment which is  10 minutes from the coast. But what could be better than drinking coffee on your balcony with a view of the beach.

The infrastructure also often includes: a children's playground, Parking, a gym, a sauna and a very well-groomed territory of the complex.

2. Who is "doorman" and why do we need him?

In any house in Egypt, the first person you will meet is a "doorman". His duties include:

         * secure the house and do not let strangers in;

         * clean the house and take out the garbage;

         * repair of plumbing or electrical appliances;

         * if you live in a compound, then he is also a gardener and a pool cleaner.

Dorman is a person with whom you need to be friends, as he is your assistant while you stay in Hurghada. And it also saves money and time. Of course, we must take into account that they are slow and it you have to come to him more than once, reminding that you need help.

3What kind of guests can come to my house ?

Since you have moved to a Muslim country, you will face another problem. Everyone can come to visit you, except Egyptian men, or other men of the Arab world. Why is everything exactly like this, you ask? Because in Egypt there is a law that a man and a woman can stay in an apartment only if they have an ORFI (permission to cohabit). But no one will prevent if your compatriot or a European comes to you. You also don't need an ORFI if you want to live together.

4. The open door rule.

This leads to the following question. What should I do if something broke or I ordered delivery? A man cannot enter your apartment. But if you ordered water and you need to bring it to the kitchen, then you can ask the deliveryman to bring water into the house, but leave the door open. The same should be done when a doorman comes to fix something. All men know this rule and when they go in, they do not close the door if a single woman lives there. If you have a husband, he arranges everything himself. A woman is not obliged to open the door to anyone if her husband is not at home.

5. Gas bottle.

You haven't heard this for a long time. Most likely, it will come into your everyday life with the move to the Red Sea. In 90% of cases, the gas is not carried into the houses. People use gas bottles. Don't worry, you don't have to search for it and install it yourself. This issue is already being dealt with by the well-known "doorman". So if you run out of gas, just ask to bring another one. The price starts from 100 pounds.

6. How to pay for the electricity?

In Egypt, the card system electrical meter is most often used. Upon check-in, you will be given a card. To put money on it you need to go to any market where there is a "fawry" system and put the money there. Then insert it into the meter. A very convenient system, since you can adjust your own expenses for electric and always see how much is left. Also, if 20 and 10 pounds remain on the balance, the electricity turns off, you need to insert the card into the meter and the electricity will appear again. So it reminds you that the money is running out and it's time put money again.

7. Water.

The main source of fresh water is the Nile River. There are 2 water supply systems in the houses; this is a water line or imported water that is filled into tanks on the rooftop or basement. If you have previously lived in Europe or America and used to have clean tap water that you can drink - it is dangerous to do this in Egypt, because there is a poor water purification system. And how to solve this issue, you ask? All local residents and visitors use bottled water for drinking and cooking, and for everything else you can safely use water from the tap.

8. Laundry.

More then 80% of the people in Egypt use laundry service. In Hurghada, not all apartments have washing machines and people prefer to hand over their things in the evening after work, and in the morning they are already taken away ironed and sealed in a bag. This saves a lot of time and costs a few pounds. Plus, in such laundries you can bring not only clothes, but also a carpet, bedspreads, pillows and much more.

9. Changing the your sleep cycle.

Having moved here, your sleep cycle may change, since people most often get up here closer to noon. And they don't go outside during the day because of the heat. But in the evening and at night they walk with their families. If you live on the Sheraton, most often you will hear noise all the time, because it is a really busy street. It is also worth noting that there is no law on noise there as in other countries and often you can hear either a wedding with music until one AM, or guests who came with children and swim in your pool. But you can also bring friends and dance all evening and no one will make a remark. You get used to it quickly and don't pay attention to it anymore.

10. Climate and new friends.

Since you are moving to a new country and the weather is changing, you should know about your 2 best friends:

        * Heater

There is no heating in the houses here, which we are used to have in our contries. Therefore, if you come to spend the winter, then be ready to buy a heater and stock up on a warm blanket. Having stayed for the winter, the temperature of 25 degrees during the day seems very warm, but do not forget about the wind season and the fact that at night there is also plus 12.

        * Air conditioning

In the Egyptian climate, even the poorest family will have air conditioning. Given that the air temperature can reach +50 degrees C in summer, people are forced to have this best friend at home and at work. Of course, the first time we arrive, we are afraid that we will get sick and when going to cafe, we might ask to make the air conditioner warmer. But after a couple of weeks the body adapts.

Having moved to the Red Sea coast, you get a unique chance to get acquainted with the rules of life and culture of another country and gain an unforgettable experience. After all, the Egyptians are wonderful neighbors who will always help and will cheer up with their smiles and gifts. And you will also have your favorite market at home, a cafe, a beach, where every time you will be greeted with a smile. You will definitely learn how to live a leisurely, measured life and begin to appreciate every minute spent here in this wonderful city.

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