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 Features of the school in Hurghada

Many of those who have moved or are just about to move to Hurghada, asked the question: "Where can I send my child to study?" This question is especially interesting for mothers who have chosen Hurghada as their second home

and are going to settle here for permanent residence.

Schools in Hurghada  are different form Cairo, both in terms of prices and level of education. Education is weaker here, but the prices are several times lower than in Cairo. 

There is a huge number of schools, especially in comparison with other settlements with about the same number of inhabitants. There are public and private schools in Hurghada (the number of the latter increases from year to year due to the growing popularity of private education).

  Public free schools in Egypt.

 The only plus is that if you send a child there, you can get a long-term visa for the entire period of his education without unnecessary red tape. This is where the advantages end.

 We will not consider public schools. There is little acceptable learning process for a European. There can be up to a hundred people in a class. By the way, often local schoolchildren do not accept foreigners into their group. Often the case ends with a beating and conflicts. Beatings by teachers are also not uncommon! They can beat their hands with a ruler, a pointer and humiliate a child in class, caring little about psychological injuries. This is most likely due to the fact that the contingent in such schools is from low-income families with many children, where such methods of education have been rooted for generations and do not cause resentment among parents. And the students in such schools are not timid.

 Language schools in Hurghada.

  There are also language schools (they study different languages), which were very popular among the Egyptians in time when there were few private schools, it was in these schools that they studied a foreign language. Tagribei schools are such an analogue of a public school, but for a small fee. It used to be very difficult to get there. The administration met and talked with the parents, and only after that, decided to take a student or not. The cost of such schools today is nominal from $ 100 per year. A kind of analogue of a state school with in-depth study of a foreign language for children from well-off families.

  Private schools in Egypt.

  So let's talk about private schools that are most suitable for foreign and “mixed " children (foreign mother-Egyptian father). In turn, private schools are divided into National and International according to the training systems. Often, one school has both systems. National education is mostly conducted in Arabic and in grades 6, 9 and 12, state exams are passed, according to the results of which points are awarded in the graduation diploma. It is on the basis of these assessments that a future student will be able to choose a university for himself. The international system is much easier than the national one. Exams are easier. All subjects are in English. And state exams are taken at will. But there are some nuances. After the international training system, it is difficult to enroll on a free basis. You will have to enroll only in commercial universities. And after the national one, you can.

 Before you decide to send your child to school, calculate your financial capabilities well. International schools cost from $ 2,000 a year and every year the payment increases. If you are not sure about your financial situation for the future, it is better to send your child to the national education system. It is much cheaper and there are much more chances to enter a university without additional payment. Switching from one system to another is also not so easy. This can only be done in primary schools. This is not possible in high school, since all subjects are in Arabic and deeper than in the international system. And the child simply can not pull, and you will go broke on repeaters. For example, one hour for tutoring costs 100-500 pounds. Although, you will still have to spend money for private lessons. The school system in Hurghada involves additional classes, especially in high school. You need to be prepared for the fact that there is a very weak foreign language in the national system, and zero Arabic in the international system.

 So you still have to invest financially.

 Foreign schools in Hurghada.

 If you still decide to send your children to local foreign schools, there is also a very large selection here. There are, for example, completely foreign schools such as German and French. But here you need to take into account whether your child will study in France or in Germany in the future. Initially, these two schools were open to their citizens. And it is very important to find out if they have licenses for high school classes. The majority of high school students continue their studies in their countries. These schools cost from 5,000 euros per year.

 Be sure that these schools have licenses for high school classes, so as not to get into a situation that after the 9th grade your child will be asked to finish studying in Europe.

 Learn more about the international education system in Hurghada.

 Schools with an international education system - Sunrise, Smart, El Gouna school, Modern school, Producer of the Life International American School, National American School. Moreover, the first three have both an international and a national education system. These schools cost from $ 2,000 a year. You need to add textbooks, uniforms and a transfer to the cost. The amount is quite a tidy sum. The training is average. Perhaps, only in El Gouna school, training is conducted at the level. The rest of the schools are charged at the expense of the territory and the availability of various activities. By the way, Modern School does not have high schools. The National American School has only the 10th grade so far. 11 and 12 are still in question. Their formation depends on the number of children.

  There is another very important aspect. If you have chosen a school with the American system, then be ready to take special exams at the end of school. Previously, they gave up the SAT. Now they have been replaced by ACT (American College Test). The ACT gives a general picture of the student's knowledge, and the SAT shows skills in specific disciplines. These exams are very important for obtaining a school graduation certificate. Without these exams, the certificate is not valid. Unfortunately, there are no centers in Hurghada to prepare for these exams and there are very few teachers. We'll have to go to Cairo. You also need to prepare for these expenses. Only at Sunrise school you can prepare and pass them at the school itself. The rest of the American schools do not have this. You will need to agree in advance with the centers, and pay for training and exams in dollars, and then take them there too. There are 4 attempts and then the best points go to the certificate. Each of the attempts is paid.

  Learn more about the national education system in Hurghada.

 Schools with a national system - Future, Future Pioneer, Rajac, St. Joseph, Royal. Training in Arabic. The foreign language is weak. The cost starts from $ 1000 per year.

 Training schedule:

 From 8 to 15: 30 all week.

 Days off: Friday and Saturday.

 The period of study at school

 Usually, children goes to school from the age of 5. But at the same time, the child does not go to the first grade, but to the so-called KG1, then to KG2, and only then to a real elementary school.

 KG classes can be compared with our senior kindergarten groups, where children are not only watched, but also prepared for school — they learn letters, colors, shapes, elementary rules of mathematics, etc.

  KG is already a school, with lessons, recess and homework, but knowledge is given here at the level of our kindergartens or school preparation groups.

 But some private schools also have Playschool and Preschool classes. It's like the junior kindergarten groups. That is, children both play and prepare for school. Such classes are found, but not in all schools. Preliminary information should be found out directly at the school itself. Such classes are not often found in Hurghada now, because these two years of training have already been laid down in many kindergartens. And after such kindergartens, children can immediately enter KG1 and KG2.

 Well, from the age of 7, the child goes to a full-fledged 1st grade. Primary school lasts for 6 years, 3 years middle and 3 years senior. Not counting the years in preparatory classes, the period of study in schools lasts 12 years.

 After graduating from high school, an exam is passed, according to the results of which children can enter the university.

  The budget for studying in Hurghada.

 And of course, you need to plan your education in schools with a view to future education. If you do not plan to continue your studies in Egypt, then you can choose completely foreign schools. If you still expect to train your child here, you will need to choose between an international training system and a national one. That is, you will again need to think about your financial condition in the future. Universities cost from $ 5,000 per year and above. And on a budgetary basis, as we said earlier, it is almost impossible to do after the international system.

  Not included in the tuition fee:

 Registration fee





 These expenses are from 10,000 pounds per year.

 Online training in Hurghada.

 Many parents also attach their children to school in their countries for online studying. And the child goes to a local school in Hurghada.


 Justify the choice of school on the future higher education.

 After the international system, it is mainly a paid university where they accept a total score.

 After the national system, there are free and paid universities where they are accepted according to the total score.

 After a foreign school - only a paid foreign university (Germany, France, etc., depending on which school the child studied at) based on the results of points.

 If you are focusing on a free higher education for your child, then take into account.

 If your child has below-average knowledge after graduation and has Egyptian citizenship, is registered in the Red Sea region, then the choice of universities will be on the territory of Hurghada or Qena.

 Gifted children with a high score have a path open all over Egypt.

 A brief overview of universities directly in Hurghada:

 Hurghada is not spoiled by a large number of higher educational institutions, like Cairo. Mostly there are private colleges and academies ( analogs of our technical schools). Prices in private technical schools start from 5,000 Egyptian pounds per year.

 State University in the El Ahiya district.

 TUI Berlin Campus El Gouna.

 HIHIM (higher institute for hotel and tourism management)(Albatros Hurghada).

 American Maritime Academy.

  Maritime Academy in Magavish.

  So we did the school - tour in Hurghada for you. You can choose for your child to study at a national or international, or at a state schools. But, as a rule, if a child likes to learn, he will accept any school and any system of education.






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