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Every resident of Hurghada faces payment of utility bills. Today we will tell you where and how to pay bills for electricity, water, gas and Internet.



In Hurghada there are 3 offices of the electric company (in Arabic Shirka El Kahraba).

1. In the area of Hadaba. At the intersection of Central and Maderas Streets, on the right side, if you go up the Central, there is a 3-storey building behind the gate. This is the electric company.

 2. In Dahar. On the road that divides the two mini market of vegetables, you need to go a little further and also on the right side, behind the fence, there will be an electric company.

 3. In El Kauther. Standing back to British Resort, go right to the end of the street past Abu Ashara market, then go to the opposite side. Walk a little along it to the wasteland and turn left. Walk a little and see the sand-colored building. That is the company.

To control electricity consumption, you can install the application on any smartphone, called "Shooaa".

If you have a counter of the old sample, you will get a receipt - check the readings. If they don’t match up, go to the electric company, let them know and ask for a recalculation. In the electro company they ask for the name of the person to whom the meter is issued. It is better to come to the electric company in the morning, as they work only until lunch.

How to pay for electricity:

If you have an old-style meter, you will receive a bill. Usually in the middle of the month.

Payment is made by invoice:

- In the office of the electric company in cash

- Through the Fawry payment system. A payment system is a way to pay for services using a bank card and / or electronic money (non-cash)

- If you have an Egyptian bank card, you can pay through your bank account

- The easiest and most convenient way to entrust the payment of the receipt to Doormen.


If you have a new sample counter with a card.

After you have had a warning power outage, you have a day to replenish the card. The card can be recharged at many grocery stores or stores that sell cell phones and replenish their balance. After that you just need to insert the replenished card into the counter for a few seconds and remove it.



The Water Company is located after El Mina Mosque in Sakkala (Shirka Maya in Arabic)

If you do not have a water meter, then you are assigned an identification number for the apartment. When paying via the Internet, enter this number and verify the address.

If a meter is installed in the apartment, then the number is indicated on it. When paying via the Internet, also enter the meter number and verify the address.


How to pay:

- Water bills are paid in cash at the office of the water company

- Through Fawry payment system

- If you have an Egyptian bank card, you can pay through your bank's personal account

- The easiest and most convenient way to entrust the payment of the receipt to Doormen.


Shirka El Gaz in Arabic. Only residents of houses with central gas supply will face this.

Every month an employee of the gas company comes, takes readings and says the amount to be paid, and you can immediately pay. The employee immediately issues a receipt for payment.


Landline internet and phone:

Now the home Internet provider in Egypt is WE. There are small payment offices in every district of Hurghada. As well as two central offices of the company.

One at the Sheraton - Central Street. Right at the very beginning on the left side.


Another office in Dahar, a little further than the big market. Directly opposite the Go Bus stop in El Gouna.

When you connect home Internet along with a router, you are given an identification number and password from the Internet.


How to pay:

- You can cash in the office of the company

- In your personal account on the website or in the "My WE" application on your mobile phone with a bank card

- Through Fawry payment system

In all cases, you must enter an identification number.


A home phone is paid every 3 months in the form of a subscription fee in the same way, either in the office or in your personal account by card (you need to enter a phone number).



Water Company 065-3444590

Electric Company 065-3441164

They speak Arabic!

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