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Let's talk about water today.

There is no fresh water in Hurghada. It enters Hurghada from the Nile River, through the cities of Qena and Luxor. There are two types of water supply in Hurghada...

- Water line (state)

- Imported (tank cars)

In both cases, water does not enter the apartment directly. First, it is pumped into tanks on the roof or into basements, and then, when the tap is turned on, it enters the apartment either under pressure (if the tank is on the roof) or with the help of a water motor (if the tank is in the basement). Do not use this water for food!


Truth and myths about imported water in Hurghada.

  1. Imported water is desalinated sea water.

Seawater desalination is quite expensive and time consuming process. Therefore, hotels use this method. A number of hotels even have their own desalination stations.


  1. Imported water can be turned off.

In fact, they cannot turn it off, since it does not enter through the pipeline, but is pumped into tanks. But if there is a lazy Dorman in your house, or a bad management company, then they can simply forget in time to order water delivery.


  1. The quality of imported water is better than the state water.

There are several waterworks in the city, from where they deliver water to houses and complexes. In terms of quality, it is no different from the city water line. To improve the water quality, it is worth installing additional water filters in the apartment.


  1. Imported water is more expensive.

It really is. And this is due to the fact that more labor and costs are used to deliver water (for salaries for drivers of water carriers, for gasoline, etc.).


  1. Imported water is a thing of the past.

The city administration is actively working on the transition of the entire city to the central, state water supply system. Now the old buildings are working on the system of imported water. Almost all new buildings in Hurghada have public water supply.

Today, the issue of water supply in Hurghada is very important for the normal life of the city. It is under the control of the city authorities and is being successfully resolved. The population and tourists do not experience difficulties with the availability of water in the city.

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