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How to determine whether the developer is trustworthy?

When buying a home, any person analyzes many factors.

Today we will talk about how to find a trustworthy developer!

  1. How long has the company been in the real estate market?

It is important to understand how many years the developer company has been operating in the real estate market. We do not claim that young companies are not good. But you will agree that it is much calmer to be in the “safe hands” of a developer who has been implementing his projects, for example, for 10 years.


  1. Number of completed projects.

The best indicator of a builder's trustworthiness is the number of completed projects. The longer the company is on the market, the greater its track record. If a company once successfully delivered one new building, then most likely it will not fail the next time.


For example, the developer of the Siberian Towers has more than 8 projects, 1 of them is currently under construction, the rest have been successfully completed.


  1. How quickly projects are handed over.

It is worth paying attention not only to the total time the company has been operating on the market, but also to the deadlines for the completion of projects.

On average, the delivery time of one project in the Hurghada market is 2-4 years.

In addition: if the delay in delivery is up to 6 months, then you should not worry about this.


  1. It is better to see once.

If a company has been on the market for many years, then it is worth visiting some of its projects and evaluating the quality of development.

It will also great to visit the construction site in which the purchase is planned.

For the convenience of tracking construction processes remotely, our agency regularly posts the latest news in the "Construction News" section


  1. Office.

Any reliable developer has its own office and staff. The doors of the office of a good developer company are always open for both potential customers and those who have already purchased a property. If you wish, you can visit the developer's office in person and talk with employees.


  1. Documentation.

You can study all the documents for the project where the purchase is planned. Of course, our company has already done this long before you decided to purchase a home from a particular developer through our company. But if you are too scrupulous in this matter, then a trustworthy developer will send you all the necessary documents for review as well as a draft contract for preliminary reading without any problems. You should be wary if the developer refuses to send you a draft contract.


These are the most basic criteria by which you can determine the reliability of the developer. Thus, armed with this information, you will be able to understand whether the developer you have chosen is trustworthy and whether you have invested your money safely.

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