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How to prepare an apartment for sale?

What requirements must be met in order to sell an apartment in Hurghada as profitably and quickly as possible? Let's talk!

It is sometimes difficult for owners of apartments in the secondary market of Hurghada to prepare an apartment for sale due to the fact that they do not always know where to start, what is necessary and what is not.

Let's take a look at 10 key points to consider when preparing an apartment for sale.

  1. The most important thing is the availability of a complete set of documents. A qualified specialist will help you with this, since in different houses and complexes the package of documents may differ from each other.
  2. Decide - the apartment will be sold furnished or unfurnished.
  3. After that, you need to decide on the cost of the apartment. If you cannot objectively assess the cost of the apartment, then you should consult with a competent realtor.
  4. Next. Throw away all rubbish, as old furniture which reduces the space of the apartment. Pay special attention to the pantry and the balcony, since they are the most prone to clutter. And be sure to clean up. Due to cleanliness, the apartment can become fresher and filled with positive.
  5. Be sure to hide obvious flaws (for example, mold on the ceiling and walls, scuffs on the walls, poorly closing windows or cracks in the glass). In this case, you need to make cosmetic repairs. It can even increase the value of the apartment.
  6. The next step is well-taken photos of the apartment. Here it is also worth asking for help from specialists.
  7. Particular attention should be paid to the bathroom. No unpleasant odors from sewers and leaking plumbing.
  8. Be sure to check for any debts. Since selling an apartment with "debts" is not acceptable.
  9. Quite often, buyers ask for a discount - be prepared to give in a little.
  10. The process of selling an apartment is not an easy task, so an important factor is to contact a competent real estate agency that will help at all stages of preparing and selling an apartment.

Subject to these not tricky requirements, you will be able to sell your apartment in Hurghada as quickly and profitably as possible.


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